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The development history of the automobile industry

in the Czech Republic, a country with a land area of only 1% of China, such an automobile brand was born 123 years ago. It started from manufacturing bicycles, developed to manufacturing motorcycles, and turned to automobile production in 1905. In order to improve its competitiveness in the first World War, it merged with Skoda Pearson group, and became a state-owned enterprise after the Second World War, Later, because of poor management, it was acquired by Volkswagen in 1991 and became its sub brand. This automobile brand is Skoda. After being acquired by Volkswagen, Skoda regained its brilliance in the automotive industry with its century old car making essence and Volkswagen's automotive technology

this time, we came to the Skoda Automobile Museum in mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, to this exhibition hall for the development of the automobile industry, and witnessed the centennial legend of Skoda through classic cars

outside the museum are the bronze statues of the two founders of Skoda, machinist Vaclav Laurin and businessman Vaclav clement. It is their cooperation that has opened the centenary road of Skoda's car making and become a famous automaker for a time

Skoda 4S store next to the museum, with Chinese and Czech flags on the big screen, feels very cordial

now the Skoda Automobile Museum is a new museum. Part of it is the reconstruction of the original Skoda old factory. After the reconstruction, the current Skoda Museum has become a modern museum

when entering the museum, the first thing to see is this Skoda popular Montecarlo, which has been introduced before. This model was produced in the 19 test machine data average detection year. At the beginning, Skoda won the runner up of the Monte Carlo Rally with its excellent performance

the window shows the evolution of Skoda logo and some old objects recording historical moments at that time

skoda Octavia combi typ 993c is actually the travel version of Mingrui. It was first launched in 1961 and is a popular model

skoda 860 buyers reported complications of the device, and few were upper class people. At that time, the Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia had a 860 car. The three-dimensional width of Skoda logo is particularly conspicuous

skoda 125L typ 742, a model produced by Skoda in, is a very common national car in Czechoslovakia

skoda popular 995 typ 937, launched in 939, is a car that civilians can afford

sokda favorite 136 l/a 781

skoda 200 RS typ 734

the window here shows the competition trophies and racing clothes won by Skoda

the heads of two founders, machinist Vaclav Laurin and businessman Vaclav clement. There is another story about the cause of Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Clement: Clement's bike broke down. He wrote a letter in Czech to this bicycle factory in Germany, asking for repair. After a long time, he received a letter, which was written in German. If you want us to answer, please write it in a language we can understand. Such an experience made clemen have the idea of making his own car. Later, he met the mechanic Vaclav Laurin. The two hit it off and founded l&k company

from bicycles to motorcycles, they slowly started the road of building cars

in 1905, the first automobile voiturette typ a came out. Although it was not quite the same as the current car, this was the prototype of the four-wheel car at that time

for later models, the carriage was designed to keep out the wind and rain, and the seat was also a soft sofa style

skoda typ 110 is the first car produced after the merger of l&k and Skoda Pearson

skoda superb 4000 is the flagship model of Skoda, and it is also the ancestor of domestic speedster

early Mingrui

skoda 10000MB, the successor of early Skoda Mingrui

vision D concept car looks like the prototype car of Xinrui later

this model should be familiar to everyone. The speeder is designed according to this concept car

there are many Skoda models of various periods on the frame next to it

skoda 465

skoda 422

now we come to the repair exhibition hall of old cars, where strict environmental protection control at the same time is more conducive to the optimization of industrial structure. Old cars in various states have been repaired and revitalized

Skoda's classic journey silently shows its century old charm to tourists through photos on the wall and awards

the small shop in the museum, what a beautiful Skoda model, I really want to take it home

that's all for Skoda Auto Museum. See you next time

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