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History of Boshi electronic USB Optical Fiber extender

in 2010, Boshi electronic launched the first set of USB Optical Fiber extender opt-usb, which is characterized by no need to install software driver and supports multi-mode single-mode; We soon got feedback from the market. It is obvious that in the actual application of the market, many manufacturers have high requirements for USB2.0 speed in order to obtain more profits. Therefore, opt-usb that only supports usb1.0 cannot meet the market demand

in 2011, the R & D personnel of Boshi electronics launched the second set of product, USB Optical Fiber extender opet-usb, after repeated tests; Its feature is that only one end needs to install software driver, and the computer end adopts eth network interface; The other end can be connected to any USB device. Support USB2.0. The following is an introduction to the experimental methods of impact testing machine: field feedback is more suitable for the needs of the market. In addition to the above material solutions, it is not very convenient for the application of eth network interface at the computer end

at the beginning of 2012, Boshi electronics launched the second generation product opet-usb2 of USB Optical Fiber extender. Its characteristics meet the application requirements that both ends are USB interfaces. At the same time, it only needs single end power supply and driver installation; The convenient conditions for use have been greatly strengthened. Any device that can be connected to USB at the other end. Multi mode single-mode universal, easy to install, simple

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