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In the future, the development of six major models of domestic CNC punching machines is expected

the market demand for domestic high-end CNC machine tools is increasing, and new products of CNC machine tools are coming out frequently. The CNC punch has a CNC control system, which can arbitrarily set the motion mode and speed of the slider according to the needs of the processing method. According to the changes in the low cost market in the city, the development direction of domestic CNC punches in the future is expected to have the following models

1. The screw CNC punch

servo machine uses AC servo motor to drive the slider through the screw. The position of the bottom dead center in the forming can be controlled by the position reading device by providing data to the position control device. Therefore, the thermal expansion and elastic deformation of the machine will not affect the accuracy of the product, and the most suitable motion mode of the slider and the position of the lower dead center will be adjusted in extremely small units. Therefore, the non cutting forming screw servo punch suitable for high precision and high function adopts the form of oil pressure motor and energy accumulator for torque control, and the position control of the bottom dead center can reach the micron level. It is an energy-saving and environmental friendly model

2. Crankshaft servo punch

CNC punch combined with AC servo motor. This kind of punch uses servo motor to replace the clutch brake and flywheel on the original punch. This kind of punch has the characteristics of servo punch whose sliding block movement mode can be set arbitrarily, and also has the torque characteristics of ordinary mechanical punch as shown in Figure 3. However, users who need to buy high and low temperature impact testing machine at low speed hope to find a reliable high and low temperature impact testing machine, and the manufacturer area will not be reduced

3. Compound forming punch

compound forming is a powerful means of non cutting forming. In cold forging, block forging is an example, which controls the plastic flow of materials by controlling the actions and time charts of multiple punches and dies. The accuracy and formability of products can be improved, and even the number of processes can be shortened

2.1 start the stopwatch of the experimental machine to initially count for 1 minute. The compound forming can be roughly divided into two categories: paying attention to the universality of the punch and using the compound forming die base; It is easy to assemble and disassemble the molds for various kinds of production, and it can be formed by using the compound punch. Recently, not only in forging processing, but also in the diversification and improvement of the ability of sheet metal forming and forging composite forming, the punch is required not only to have multi action performance, but also to have high versatility

4. Closed die forging punches

closed die forging dies and universal forging punches have been widely used in the forming of star wheels and cross couplings. Its mold structure has blocking function and coordination function. Other closed forging punches that can save the piping time during die assembly can be divided into two types: these functions are all in the punch and the upper and lower oil cylinders are on the punch, while the coordination mechanism is on the die base

5. Sheet metal forging punch

with the popularity of sheet metal forging, it is required that the forging punch can carry out deep drawing forming or shorten the number of projects. Therefore, it is required that the slider and about 50 worktables must be equipped with oil cylinders. The original block forging almost uses high-capacity atmospheric action. In addition to the atmospheric action corresponding to the working method, the plate forging also requires sequential action, self-locking and other functions

6. Punch for gear forming

compound hydraulic punch for spiral gear forming. This punch has a total of sliding drive, 2 in the slider and 2 in the workbench. A total of 5 drive sources all share an oil pressure drive. In the initial stage of forming, the punch is inserted into the tooth space of the female die in the block, and the material flows from below for initial forming, just like the inner ring forging of the atmospheric ejector. In this state, the core rises and the core diameter in the center of the material changes from coarse to fine. At this time, there is a new space in the inner diameter of the workpiece, which can produce new plastic flow, so increasing the pressure material can fill the tip of the tooth shape. The processing pressure of the products processed by this method is only 1300mpa, and the collapse angle and burr of the tooth profile are very small. Using compound forming to control the material flow, the formed gear can reach jis3~4 levels, which is very close to high value-added non cutting forming

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