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Wilkie WKF Series Mini high-performance general inverter new product launch

distinguished leaders and guests:

warmly welcome you to attend the new product launch of Wilkie electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and take this opportunity to thank the leaders of various government departments, a wide range of customers, suppliers and friends from all walks of life for their long-term support and love for Wilkie. Thank you for accompanying and paying attention to us in the past few years, spending the storm together, and helping each other in the same boat. Thank you for staying together and supporting Wilkie towards a better tomorrow. Bit by bit, we all remember. Here, on behalf of all employees of Wilkie company, I would like to express my most sincere thanks to you again

through this conference, we will show you the new generation WKF Series Mini high-performance general-purpose frequency converter independently developed by the LEGO sustainable development materials center company, which will be newly built in the headquarters. At the same time, we will show you a new corporate style with modern enterprise management philosophy, unity, progress, vitality and readiness

since the establishment of werkai electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (werkai) in Shanghai, we have clearly realized that developing high-performance and high value-added inverter controllers to meet the application needs of high, medium and low-end customers is the only way for enterprise development. Since its establishment, the company has invested a lot of research and development funds, established a high-end technical team, and created a good development environment. The only purpose is to complete a series of frequency converters as soon as possible, which can compete with first-class brands at home and abroad. After the full efforts of all R & D personnel and the joint efforts and tacit cooperation of the company, today, WKF Mini frequency converters are launched in batches to meet the market demand of small machinery. The birth of a new generation of products will greatly enhance Wilkie's competitiveness in the market and provide necessary conditions for the completion of the company's established strategic goals. Looking back on the past few years, Wilkie completed three major events of the company: first, the company covers an area of 30 mu, with a construction area of 12000 square meters, and the new plant is completed and put into operation; Second, several series of inverter products have been put on the market in large quantities and the national market layout has been basically completed; Third, the launch of WKF Series Mini high-performance general-purpose inverter new products. It has the characteristics of small size, large low-speed torque, perfect performance and convenient use, which makes up for the vacancy of the company in small motor control and is widely used in all industrial small machinery, industrial washing machines and other fields

in the first half of 2010, Wilkie completed the integration of resources, introducing industry elite talents into the management, technology, service, production and other departments, laying a solid foundation for greater development in the future. The smooth implementation of this major measure is entirely because I share the same ideals and goals with my team, and we share the same aspirations. A successful enterprise should not only have good products, but also have a good team to operate and scientific management to operate. However, as the spiritual pillar and value orientation of the enterprise, the business philosophy is particularly important. We expand our business with integrity; Act as a person with the moral character of generosity and kindness; Face any difficulties and dangers with the team strength of unity according to the investigation of relevant associations; Improve the technology and quality of our products with the enterprising spirit of continuous innovation, pursuit of perfection and perseverance. Creating quality and starting the future are the core values of Wilkie people: This is our pursuit and our mission. We will do our best to achieve this goal

2011 will be a year for Wilkie to take off. In terms of marketing, when installing cold and hot shock testing machines, we will strengthen brand promotion, establish and improve marketing networks, strengthen customer service, and establish a rapid response mechanism

2011 is the year of quality. Now they are used in all the years of mini series to implement enterprise excellent performance management, and the quality awareness should not only be reflected in the type of products, but also in the links of R & D, manufacturing, sales and service, as well as in the subtle work content and work habits

in 2011, we will continue to increase investment in research and development, maintain the leading technology in the industry, and develop more personalized and targeted products to meet user needs

in 2011, we will start the information construction, improve the engineering process and improve efficiency with modern and scientific management means

we will also strengthen employee training, not only to improve employees' professional skills, but also to cultivate employees' professional quality, that is, to cultivate employees who are both red and professional. It can be said that Wilkie has made full preparations in all aspects to meet the challenges in the future. We will seize the opportunity, keep pace with the times and move forward to our ambitious development goals

thank you

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