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The wife sues the husband that it was the problem of the child's surname that caused the husband and wife not to get married and have children. The wife is pregnant for October, and the husband takes care of it carefully. It may be something that many young couples yearn for. But after giving birth to a baby, Mr. and Mrs. Li became the last straw that crushed their marriage. What happened

speaking of the child born to his wife, Ms. Zhang, Mr. Li's lightweight modern mobile solution is both love and hate

Mr. Li: "I don't know at all. I don't know the child's last name or name."

it's a little strange that your child doesn't know what his last name is. Mr. Li said that his wife had been living in her mother's home to raise a baby since she became pregnant last year because of her personality incompatibility, and there was little connection between them. When the child was born, the contradiction between the young couple began to erupt because of the child's surname

Mr. Li: "according to custom, it should be with the man's surname. She also came to my unit to make trouble, asked for my ID card, let the child follow her surname, and I didn't give it to her. The two sides have differences on the child's surname (idea)."

in this way, after more than a month of deadlock, Ms. Zhang sued Mr. Li in court with a petition last week, and the attached document about the child made Mr. Li furious

Mr. Li: "I see that the medical birth certificate says the other party's last name."

Mr. Li believes that the hospital made a mistake by giving the child a medical birth certificate and determining the child's surname without his own consent

interview hospital staff: "as long as the mother brings the original ID cards of the two people, she can do it."

then why does Ms. Zhang insist on her child's surname with her own, and not hesitate to take her husband to court

Ms. Zhang's father: "he's a good man. He's never been here since he was pregnant. He never comes to see what you want this child to do."

Ms. Zhang's family felt that Mr. Li, as the father of the child, did not care during his wife's pregnancy until the child was born, and was not worthy of being a father

the insider revealed that Ms. Zhang and Mr. Li had a bad relationship and had been in the cold war. After Ms. Zhang got pregnant this time, Mr. Li really didn't care about it, so he went to court for divorce in order to fight for the child's surname

can the full liberalization of the second child solve the contradiction of "with whose surname"

in fact, it is not uncommon for families to fall apart because of the question of the child's surname. Some experts said that now the two children are fully open. One child with his father's surname and the other with his mother's surname can solve this problem. Is it possible

citizen: "there is another one with his mother's surname."

citizen: "if you have two children, the second child should be named after your daughter-in-law."

it seems that citizens are more open-minded, with whose surname are their own children. Then, can the two children in the family with their parents' two surnames completely avoid such problems

marriage expert wanglijuan: "in fact, there is still no solution. What I don't realize is that there is also a gender problem."

with the liberalization of the fertility policy, Xiao Wang of Kunshan and his wife planned to have another child and agreed that the second baby should follow his mother's surname, but in the end, the two families still fought because of the surname of the second child

Xiao Wang: "it's impossible to have a hukou with their surname. Because I made it clear that having a son and my surname, and having a daughter can be with them."

marriage experts said that for the next generation of children, whether their father's surname or their mother's surname depends largely on the meaning of their elders

wanglijuan: "after following a party's surname, the old man will pay more attention to the child, which will lead to contradictions between the two children. In this way, once there are contradictions between the two children, it will certainly affect the relationship between the little couple."

experts said that the husband and wife can make an agreement before giving birth. After all, the breakdown of a family due to the problem of family name is not compensated for testing the cooling potential of new materials and the cooling capacity of cotton fabrics of the same thickness

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