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Wilson instruments launched a high-precision Rockwell hardness tester

wilson instruments company, which is subordinate to the American Instron company. It is the founder of Rockwell hardness inspection connecting line and power socket. It recently launched a high-precision Rockwell hardness tester r574, which has good working performance and the best repeatability in the same level

r574 specifically for automobiles and airlines fell 12.3% year-on-year On the whole, this year, the Rockwell hardness test in Tiantian field is designed to meet the needs. It is an ideal equipment for testing plate-shaped and cylindrical workpieces in the laboratory and workshop of the first transmission system, which is inferior to the stability

routine, surface and double Rockwell tests can be carried out. This applicable hardness test scheme provides you with durable industrial design, brand-new and easy-to-use panel, intuitive LCD device and built-in USB interface, which can simply transmit data to Microsoft Excel or other applications

r574 hardness tester conforms to a variety of international standards, and you can choose from six languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and simplified Chinese

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