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Wiggs' new hybrid molding process and materials help lighten aerospace components

recently, wiggs developed a new Paek polymer and a new hybrid molding technology, which enables engineers to use fiber-reinforced peek injection molding materials to coat Paek composites, design stronger and lower cost components, and reduce weight by up to 60% compared with typical metal and thermosetting material systems

through cooperation with tri Mack plastic manufacturing company, a famous high-temperature thermoplastic resin and composite material manufacturer in the aerospace industry, wiggs used this new polymer and technology to design a support for the aerospace industry, which can meet the demand for high performance in load applications

compared with stainless steel and titanium, the victrexpaek composite support with hybrid forming technology can reduce the weight by up to 60%, and also has the same or better mechanical properties, such as strength, stiffness and fatigue resistance

timherr, head of wiggs Aerospace strategic business department, said that these technologies can enable engineers to design lighter, stronger and more cost-effective solutions, breaking the original pattern of metal and thermosetting composites. The improvement of overall mechanical performance, weight reduction and processing efficiency has also brought qualitative changes to the automotive, energy, consumer electronics and other industries

"In view of our professional experience in this industry, we have great enthusiasm for developing new products with new polymers and processes. The design flexibility of materials and the technical support obtained from viggs enable us to design and manufacture Paek supports. Compared with metal and thermosetting materials, the production time can be shortened from hours to minutes, greatly improving production efficiency, shortening processing time and reducing Low energy consumption and reduced waste. In addition, it also eliminates the steps of edge banding and X-ray inspection, which helps to reduce, for example, the equipment used for bellows inspection will be equipped with an inner diameter measuring device, and the experimental process is stable, efficient and less overall part cost. " Tri Mack Ningbo Materials Institute has made progress in the research of bio based polylactic acid polyurethane elastomer, said tomkneath, head of sales and marketing department

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