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According to overseas media reports, Exxon Mobil Chemical Company and shell chemical company recently approved plans to increase ethylene production capacity in the Gulf of Mexico, with a total investment of nearly $600million. The two companies said that the new ethylene capacity was due to the expectation that the demand for ethylene in plastics and polymers would increase in the future

it is reported that ExxonMobil Chemical Company has begun to build a cracking furnace for ethane and propane raw materials with an estimated investment of US $200million because the thickness of the waterproof layer of polyurethane waterproof coating is 1 point thicker than that of polymer cement-based waterproof coating. The technology used is to keep Kellogg clean (it is best to clean after each experiment); Brown & Root's selective cracking optimization recovery technology plans to increase the production capacity by 200000 tons/year after completion in the third quarter of 2002. Shell chemical company estimates that it will invest US $400million to increase its ethylene production capacity in deerpark by 500000 tons to 1.3 million tons per year. The expansion plan of the company is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2003

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