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Yonghuai's sincere heart will strive to be the leader on the "poverty eradication road" -- 2019 Shandong Lingong "red feeling" targeted poverty alleviation will enter Xibaipo

yonghuai's sincere heart will strive to be the leader on the "poverty eradication road" -- 2019 Shandong Lingong "red feeling" targeted poverty alleviation will enter Xibaipo

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boundless love, enterprise responsibility. Over the years, Shandong Lingong has not forgotten its original intention, kept in mind the corporate society it shoulders, and actively organized and participated in various public welfare activities. Donate money to help students, rescue and disaster relief, join WWF World Wide Fund for nature, hold Chinese good drivers for seven consecutive years, and take practical actions one by one to carry out public welfare to the end. In 2018, Shandong temporary workers focused on the old revolutionary base areas, actively practiced the society, and successively went to Daliang Mountain, Yimeng Mountain, Yan'an, Jinggangshan and other places to help the poor people achieve skills and industry poverty alleviation

after a year, Shandong Lingong once again launched the "red love" in 2019, which was successfully carried out in Zunyi, Guizhou and Ruijin, Jiangxi. The "red love" action provides free vocational training of construction machinery to hundreds of poor people in both places, and establishes poverty alleviation teams together with local dealers and major customers to build a base for poverty alleviation and wealth creation, and provides long-term support for the assistance objects in technology, maintenance, accessories, entrepreneurship and other aspects, so as to help them quickly adapt to the construction machinery industry, help their families finally reach a state of reducing errors as soon as possible, get out of difficulties and move towards a well-off society. In July, Shandong Lingong "red love" action will enter Xibaipo, the holy land of revolution

Xibaipo, the third stop of the "red love" targeted poverty alleviation action, is the last rural command post for Chairman Mao and the Party Central Committee to enter Peiping and liberate the whole of China. Xibaipo witnessed an important turning point in the Chinese revolution. At the same time, here, the great Xibaipo Spirit was born, which is an enterprising spirit and the spirit of innovation that keeps pace with the times, as well as the determined enterprising spirit of Shandong Lingong The enterprise spirit of self-improvement coincides

as one of the earlier construction machinery enterprises in China, Shandong Lingong, which grew up from Yimeng old area, takes "red love connecting hearts" as the theme, holds a high sense of society, and identifies Xibaipo as the key assistance area for the third stop of the "red love" action

in Xibaipo area, the "red love" targeted poverty alleviation action will adhere to the "whole process industrial poverty alleviation model" of the construction machinery industry created by Shandong Lingong. Through theoretical and practical training, we can improve the vocational skills of the poor, build a poverty alleviation base to create employment opportunities, and help the youth with difficulties in the construction machinery industry to achieve entrepreneurship and wealth through the establishment of a tutor system, entrepreneurship can change all parts to the integrated block partnership system on the printed circuit board, business support and other measures

for some poor people who have made contributions to the country and have difficulties in getting rid of poverty, and hope to get rid of poverty and become rich through construction machinery, the "red love" action will donate excavator equipment to them, help them quickly cross the threshold of capital, equipment and other industries, and realize their dream of starting a business and getting rid of poverty

under the heavy pressure of life, the four helpers in Zunyi and Ruijin local amplification stations of red love, Wang Jian, Chen Yi, Zhou Nanjing and Zeng guanjin, still can't stop their upward steps. At present, with the full help of Shandong temporary work and red porn help team, they are about to enter the advanced training camp to study. Combining theory with practice, they express that they will live up to the care of society and temporary work, work hard and improve family life

Red Love Ruijin station helps objects Zhou Nanjing and Zeng guanjin

enterprises are the cells of society, and society gives enterprises the soil for development. Entering a new era of high-quality development, development and the courage to take responsibility should not only be the spiritual characteristics of excellent enterprises, but also become the value pursuit widely advocated by the whole society

poverty alleviation and targeted poverty alleviation. Shandong Lingong "red love" targeted poverty alleviation action does not forget its original intention, continues to focus on the old revolutionary base areas, helps win the 2019 poverty eradication battle, and presents a gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China

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(Zhang Na, Shandong Lingong financial media center)

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