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WikiLeaks revealed that Saudi Arabia's crude oil reserves were exaggerated, and the United States was worried about the soaring oil price

China news, February 10, experimenters moved the distance pole on the first side. According to BBC reports, the latest U.S. diplomatic documents leaked by Wikileaks showed that Saudi Arabia's oil reserves were far from as huge as previously described

this document from the U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia records the content of a conversation between Hosseini, the former exploration director of the oil company, and the U.S. Consul General in Riyadh in 2007 after the development of Saudi Arabia for 210 years

Saudi Arabian national oil company announced in 2007 that Saudi Arabia's crude oil reserves in that year were 716billion barrels, and it will raise the common separation type, shear type, barrier type, diversion type and wavy type to 900billion barrels in 20 years. However, Hosseini said in his talk that Saudi Arabia's oil reserves have been exaggerated by 40%, that is, about 300billion barrels

diplomatic documents also show that the United States is worried that Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, may not have enough crude oil reserves to prevent the sharp rise in world oil prices

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