The hottest will be held on August 13, 2020. Dear,

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On August 13, 2020! Dear, I am waiting for you in Guangzhou ~

on August 13, 2020! Dear, I am waiting for you in Guangzhou ~

the official approval document on May 21, 2020

will be launched soon

on May 9, 2020, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Commerce issued a document notice that various conferences and exhibitions can be held. The state is actively calling for a comprehensive recovery in all walks of life

after the epidemic, the industry recovered in an all-round way. During the first war

epidemic, the window organizing committee continued to communicate with buyers such as real estate developers and engineering units, recommended new products in the industry this year, and carried out B to B live delivery to professional buyers through the original program "construction · new", providing professional services for the online digital marketing transformation of enterprises, and also warming up and paving the way for the holding of the exhibition

after receiving the notice from the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the exhibition industry recovered. After investigation and discussion with associations, exhibitors and visitors, the "window door, window and curtain wall new product exhibition" finally determined the launch time of 2020

here, I would like to thank poly World Trade Expo, Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center and Guangzhou Langhao hotel for their strong support and cooperation in window scheduling matters

"the 26th new products Expo of aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls"

August, 2020

Guangzhou Pazhou

poly World Trade Expo Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center


aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls branch of China building metal Structure Association

co sponsor:

China Real Estate Association China real estate and door and window curtain wall industry cooperation alliance


Guangzhou City bojianke Exhibition Co., Ltd.

academic support unit:

aia American architect Society CTBUH world high rise building and urban habitat society has been preparing for a long time, and is ready to send the measured pressure intensity value until the sample is crushed. Thank you for your continuous support. The window organizing committee has made full preparations to provide you with a new promotion platform of online live + offline exhibition

1. [at conference] as scheduled, experts went to the grand event

2020 "window doors, windows and curtain walls new product exhibition" during the same period - "at world architectural design and Technological Innovation Conference", which will build a high-end forum around the four themes of @ new buildings, @ new real estate, @ new doors and windows, @ new curtain walls

special thanks to the following units for their strong support

Ma Guangyuan, a specially invited economic forecasting expert and financial expert, to analyze the global economic trend and real estate economic development after the epidemic

Ma Guangyuan: Deputy Director of the Central Economic Commission of the China Democratic Construction Association, columnist and special commentator of the financial times, the economic observer, the Beijing News and other media

it will take at least 10 years to propose the global financial crisis in 2008

the prevention of "grey rhinoceros" was proposed in 2014

he was invited to attend the Zhongnanhai Symposium in 2016

predict the Sino US trade war in 2017

invite top experts in the industry to discuss cutting-edge construction technology

forum Keywords: healthy buildings, urban landmarks, super high-rise green buildings, new era of doors and windows, building skin design and innovation, fire-proof buildings and other latest cases and technologies

More flexible

2 Overseas live broadcast: it covers overseas buyers who cannot be present due to the epidemic. Due to the epidemic, overseas visitors cannot come to the exhibition site. The organizing committee will make them want to see the exhibition through overseas media + live broadcast platform and other channels. 2. The relative humidity is less than 80%; However, visitors who cannot come to the scene can also "stroll around the exhibition" and timely obtain information on new products, new technologies, new trends and other information of China's door, window and curtain wall industry

100000 + massive overseas data email push, helping enterprises develop business

3. Live broadcast in China: architecture is new is all online

the new exhibition of windows doors, windows and curtain walls creates an online original program - "architecture is new", which carefully selects excellent new products in the industry and gains warm praise from the audience

at present, the program has been fully launched, and will be pushed to professional buyers who cannot come to the scene to achieve precision marketing

4.520 advertising gifts: registration and gift giving this week

in order to thank you for your support and encouragement to windows during the epidemic, in this special advertising festival, "wi or pp/pe alloy (5-8 talcum powder ndoor doors, windows and curtain walls new exhibition can be added as needed" will give a beautiful gift free of charge to the pre registered audience within this week (5..25)

click here to visit the exhibition


on August 13, Guangzhou, I want to see you ~

see new products. Come to the window window window and curtain wall new product exhibition

began in 1995. China's first door and window and curtain wall exhibition

use the least time to see the best new products

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