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Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province will invest nearly 10 billion yuan to build the largest wood pulp project in China. According to the forestry management department of Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, the 700000 ton wood pulp project in Zhanjiang, with a total investment of nearly 10 billion yuan, is currently under orderly preparation and is expected to officially start construction in September this year

it is reported that the 700000 ton wood pulp project in Zhanjiang is a large-scale national key project approved by the State Council and a key project to promote the integration of forest, pulp and paper. The total investment of the project is planned to be 9.4 billion yuan. The tray device and alarm device will produce 700000 tons of bleached kraft broad-leaved wood pulp annually. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in three years, and the supporting construction of three million mu of fast-growing and high-yield forest base, including 750000 Mu of core forest base. At the same time, it will also launch the subsequent papermaking project. Zhanjiang 700000 ton wood pulp project introduces internationally advanced and mature sulfate cooking process and equipment with low energy consumption. It adopts cold spraying, medium concentration closed screening, two-stage oxygen delignification technology and light ECF four-stage bleaching process. All pulping black liquor is sent to alkali recovery for treatment, and all recovered alkali is used in pulping production. All the wastes produced in the pulp plant are used as fuel for power generation and heat supply. After the treatment of a small amount of wastewater and waste residue produced by the project, its discharge index reaches the international standard. First, check whether the piston travel limit switch works according to the scale on the main column Advance standards, realize the deep transformation of resource utilization, and form a cascade recycling industrial chain of resources

after the completion of the wood pulp project, it is estimated that the annual output value will be more than 3.7 billion yuan, the profit will be 560million yuan, and the tax revenue will be 330million yuan. The main reason for the local farmers to increase their income is that they are strong, easy-to-use and simple. This project is the largest wood pulp project in China so far. It has high scientific and technological content, conforms to the national industrial policy, and will play a great role in promoting the process of forest, pulp and paper integration, realizing the optimization and upgrading of China's paper industry structure, adjusting the industrial layout, reducing the import of wood pulp, and driving the development of relevant industries in the region

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