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Guangdong Zhongshan self ensures that there is no displacement or deformation during the test process. The dynamic feeder manufacturer

Guangdong Zhongshan automatic feeder manufacturer

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Guangdong Zhongshan automatic feeder manufacturer Yiyuan full-automatic feeder can be changed in different radius ranges. The feeding range is larger, and the diameter can be recycled within meters. It can be far or near, so as to avoid the uneven feeding of fish at all levels of water quality caused by the concentrated feeding of fish. The raised fish are more uniform in size and sell at a good price! Another point is that 4 stainless steel round tubes are used at the feeding port to throw materials into the sky in the form of parabola. The feed will not be broken, and negative pressure can be formed at the 4 feeding ports! Yiyuan feeder is suitable for large water surface, not necessarily for reservoir aquaculture. As long as the aquatic product capacity reaches more than 50000 kg, Yiyuan feeder has obvious advantages and relatively stable deformation in the subsequent temperature range. A Yiyuan feeder can feed at least 70000 to 80000 kilograms of fish more than the traditional pneumatic feeder

select high-quality full price feed, and the automatic feeder manufacturer adopts scientific feeding technology. Generally, feces and residual bait are the largest sources of organic pollution in intensive culture ponds, and a large amount of oxygen will be consumed in the process of organic degradation. Feeding a single raw material or low-quality feed with unbalanced nutrition will increase the feces and residual bait in the pond due to poor palatability and insufficient digestion

the digestibility and absorption rate of high-quality full price feed is high, and the discharge of feces and other wastes is small, which indirectly increases the dissolved oxygen in water. Scientific feeding technology is also important. The feeding amount should be strictly controlled and adjusted at any time according to the weather, water quality, feeding and growth of animals. It is better to feed a small amount of times to avoid excessive feeding to produce residual bait. The use of baits in fish ponds and the feeding of puffed floating pellets also help to reduce the residual baits

although there are great differences in the internal structure of the automatic controller of Guangdong Zhongshan automatic feeder currently sold on the market, it basically forms a mode in setting. It is generally divided into three controls: throwing timing control, feeding time control and feeding pause time control. The throwing timing control is generally 0 ~ 60min (mechanical timer) and 10 ~ 100min (electronic timer)

feeding time control: mostly 1 ~ 9s (adjustable). Feeding pause time control: also 1 ~ 9s (adjustable). The feeding amount cannot be directly set as a function, and the result of the feeding amount can only be indirectly expressed through the setting of time, which makes the operation troublesome and the feeding amount difficult to determine. This is a problem that the automatic feeding machine in the current market has been unable to solve

the automatic feeding machine of impeller feeder controlled by single chip microcomputer has the characteristics of timing, ration, positioning, wide throwing area, uniform throwing, small amount of multiple feeding, etc. These characteristics make the pond fish feed evenly, reduce the loss of feed, and prolong the residence time of feed in the fish digestive tract, which is conducive to digestion and absorption, so as to effectively improve the feed utilization rate. Moreover, the whole process is completed automatically, completely replacing manual feeding

in addition, the daily feeding amount can be adjusted to meet the feeding habits of fish of different breeding varieties, different growth periods and different seasons, so as to improve the feeding quality, promote the growth of fish, and make the fish grow neatly, which is also an effective way to improve the utilization rate of feed. The economic benefits produced by the fully automatic feeding machine of impeller feeder controlled by single chip microcomputer are reflected in two aspects: improving feed utilization rate and reducing labor input cost for heavy load

when purchasing Guangdong Zhongshan automatic feeder, feeding area is our main consideration. But we should know that the feeding area of the feeder is related to the diameter of the feed. Relatively speaking, the larger the diameter, the larger the feeding area. On the contrary, it is small. In addition, it is also related to the unit weight of the feed. The larger the relative unit weight, the larger the feeding area, and the smaller the relative unit weight

if the feeding area is too small, it will affect the normal growth of fish. Therefore, we should consider the total amount of fish eaten in the pond at different times, the diameter and unit weight of the material used, and choose the feeding area. Once the board is damaged, it is only appropriate to buy a new feeding machine. In the case of a polyculture pond, if it is found that a certain predator with poor feeding ability grows slowly, it can be considered whether the feeding area of the baiting machine is too small

the manufacturer of automatic feeder, and the use method of Yiyuan 360 ° automatic feeder, (1) select an appropriate position, which must face the open surface of the fish pond, so that the feeding surface is wide; The water level should be deep to facilitate the fish to eat. It is installed on the pedal at m away from the shore, and the pedal height is cm away from the minimum high water level of the pond

(2) adjust the feeding amount in time. During the breeding production, pay attention to the changes of weather, water temperature, water color and fish feeding, and timely adjust the feeding amount, times and duration of the feeding machine to ensure that fish get sufficient feed without causing feed waste. (3) The domesticated fish groups float to feed. During the domestication stage, they should be thrown less and slowly. The interval can be adjusted to more than 10 seconds, and each feeding time can be extended to hours

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