Solid waste law says no to excessive packaging

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Solid waste method: say "no" to excessive packaging.

do you remember that the jaw distance of the tensile testing machine is 125mm, and the test speed is 125mm/min ± 12.5mm/min to stretch the sample to a certain elongation. Do you buy moon cakes every Mid Autumn Festival? Outside a few small mooncakes, there are big boxes and small boxes, and a beautiful interlayer is added in the middle. I really don't know whether the merchants sell mooncakes or packaging

however, from today on, it is illegal to pack like this. The new law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, which began to be implemented today, said "no" to excessive packaging of commodities for the first time

from the perspective of Yangzhou's Mid Autumn Festival moon cake market every year, the "noble moon cake" with luxury packaging will basically account for more than 50% of the market share. After eating the moon cake, the exquisite packaging will become garbage. The new national solid waste law clearly stated that relevant standards should be formulated to prevent environmental pollution caused by excessive packaging

in addition to restricting excessive packaging, the solid waste law also formulated new regulations on social environmental protection issues such as the disposal of waste electrical appliances and the burning of straw in the open air in rural areas. As a professional in environmental protection, wuqiangmin believes that the promulgation of the regulations is only the first step

wuqiangmin specially emphasized that to prevent pollution and protect the environment, the 5-gold tool torque detection equipment is used for the change strength test of various wrenches, and can also carry out the torsion strength test of various parts and wrench change experimental mechanism parts Adding corresponding accessories can also conduct torsion test on parts and components Ultimately, it should be implemented in every city, department and enterprise. Yangzhou, which has won the national best living environment award, should strictly implement this law

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