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Guangdong Zhongshan led rattan lamp supplier, It can withstand high-strength mechanical impact and vibration, and is not easy to break. The average service life of LED lamps can reach 10000 hours. The service life of LED lamps can reach years, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of lamps and avoid the pain of changing lamps frequently. Strong safety and reliability, low calorific value, no thermal radiation, cold light source, safe touch, accurate control of light type and luminous angle, light color, no glare, no mercury, sodium and other substances that may endanger health

led light string saves power. On average, there are about 300-400 LED lights in an outdoor word, and the power consumption is about 15 watts. That is to say, lighting up 8 hours a day consumes about 1 degree of power in 8 days! LED light string can let users use it in a safer environment. It is very suitable for outdoor luminous characters, signs and home decoration lighting applications, and increases the visual distance! The intelligent control system of LED light string can produce the effects of gradual change, jump change, chase, etc., and can realize asynchronous and synchronous control. It can be arranged at will to meet the requirements of different users! LED light string light string small size, light weight, freight costs can be almost ignored

led floodlight the difference between LED rattan ball lamp and floodlight is not only reflected in the lighting visual effect, but also in the precautions in the use of floodlight and floodlight. The difference between floodlights and projection lights is that floodlights cannot be set up too much, which will appear dull and dull in visual effect. During production, pay more attention to understanding the lighting parameters and the impact on the light perception of the whole rendering scene. The difference between floodlights and projection lights is also reflected in the range of illumination between them. Projection lights are also called projection lights, spotlights, spotlights, etc. they are mainly used for architectural decoration lighting and commercial space lighting. Their decorative components are heavy, and there are many types of styles in the cutting experiment of modeling design. Floodlight is a point light source that can irradiate uniformly in all directions and places. Its illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily. Standard floodlights can be used to illuminate the whole scene

the so-called light color is the color of light, which is the most emotional modeling element in the stage led pattern lights. It plays a role in rendering the mood and atmosphere of the drama and foiling the characters' thoughts and emotions; In terms of space and time; It plays a very important role in controlling the rhythm of the performance. At the same time, it makes a secondary coloring of the set, clothing and make-up props displayed on the stage to unify and coordinate the color of the stage picture. It can be seen that color is not a simple phenomenon. Since the ancient Greek times, scientists have begun to explore light and color. For a long time, there have been a vast number of discussions on color. Here, the author is unable to do scientific and rigorous theoretical research on light and color. He just wants to talk about his experience in the use of stage light and color in long-term artistic practice. Please criticize and correct the shortcomings and learn from them together, Discuss together

led shape lamp Guangdong Zhongshan led rattan lamp: difference analysis of LED shape lamp light source: 1 Luminous viewpoint: piranhas have flat heads, F3, F5, F7, etc. different luminous viewpoints can be selected according to actual needs. Personally, flat heads (180 degrees) and F3 (1 and 20 degrees according to different water temperatures) are most used. Maybe they have a wide luminous range and save data; The 3528 and 5050 light-emitting viewpoints both exceed 120 degrees, with high brightness and a wide range of applications; 2. brightness and light attenuation: the brightness of patch series is higher than that of piranha and straw hat series; In particular, the 5050 is packaged in 3-crystal 20mA or single crystal 60mA, far surpassing the 3528, piranha and straw hat series; The heat dissipation of the patch is good, so the light attenuation is 3 Purchase quotation: those with high brightness and low light attenuation are certainly more expensive. Patch series is a career leading trend! Different light sources are selected. The so-called patch module uses a patch type light source with high brightness, long service life, slow light decline and high price. The piranha module uses a piranha type light source with slightly lower brightness than the patch

Guangdong Zhongshan led rattan lamp LED landscape tree lamp in the field of lamp lighting, the insurance premium paid by the applicant, except for personal security, is developing rapidly and will replace other light sources in the next few years. Over the years, the use of LED technology in the field of lamps and lighting has brought unprecedented impact to the lives of planners and everyone. Through the in-depth understanding of the LED landscape tree lamp skills, referring to the planning characteristics and development trend of the traditional lamp appearance, the existing LED landscape tree lamp is analyzed, and the lamp appearance is innovated on the basis of the LED skill advantages. Look for the combination of new LED skills and lamp appearance planning, and create unusual led appearance lamps


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