Robots bring flexibility to laser welding technolo

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Robots bring flexibility to laser welding technology

innova training center in laitila, Finland has one of the most advanced and flexible laser welding units in Europe. KUKA robot Co., Ltd., the company's system partner kine robot solutions and innova training center have combined experience with high and new technology to jointly manufacture the high-tech laser welding unit "innova lasepro"

KUKA robot can work independently, cooperate with positioning platform or as a team, and can process super large parts. Whether laser welding, cutting or laser compounding, arrow welding technology with moving direction shall be marked on the outside of appropriate parts, and all processes shall be monitored by camera

innova continues to receive research tasks entrusted by various industries, many of which come from the naval shipbuilding industry. The parts needed in this industry are usually extremely heavy and huge, and traditional equipment can't handle these parts at all

implementation measures/solutions

KUKA robot Kr 30 HA is reversely installed on KUKA linear axis, which can travel up to ten meters. This is a special KUKA equipment; Like robots, the device is optimized for accuracy

Kr 30 ha. This kind of innovation combines the strength of continuously reinforced thermoplastic composites and the design flexibility and reliability of wiggs Victrex peek injection molding polymer. Ha stands for "high accuracy". It is designed to meet the requirements of high accuracy. It is especially suitable for laser applications or measuring component size. The robot and linear axis have an error of plus or minus 0.20 mm

KUKA robot Kr 210 is responsible for the transfer of parts, which can work together with KR 30 ha team. The technology named KUKA robotame can help people in the machine car industry who have held high the banner of "lightweight" to work together through real-time data exchange. This technology consciously abandons the use of inflexible control blocks and adopts intelligent independent standard control equipment; The control equipment can be combined freely, so the best robot team can be formed for each production scheme. The control system of each robot can be combined arbitrarily according to the required configuration. In addition, parts with a diameter of two and a half meters and a weight of two tons can be processed by using KUKA positioning table DKP 2000. The wall and ceiling of the welding unit can be opened automatically, so large parts can be transported to the welding unit by crane

system components/contract scope

several technical function packages are designed in the equipment: sertec and serhybridtec. In addition to the laser system of apricon (using the laser produced by TRUMPF), the equipment is also equipped with welding heads produced by CLOOS and precitec and three-dimensional cutting heads produced by precitec. The whole equipment is composed of robot, rotary tipping table, linear axis, laser and peripheral equipment, which are controlled and coordinated by KUKA Kr C2


this equipment provides a flexible and innovative solution for laser welding of large parts. (end)


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