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Several aspects of key application fields of plastics in China

Plastics is a new basic material, and its application fields are everywhere. At present, the key application fields of plastics in China are mainly in the following aspects:

first, packaging equipment is the fastest developing field of plastic products processing industry. Plastic packaging has changed the pattern of traditional iron, wood, paper and glass packaging, changed the face of social life and improved the quality of people's life. The emergence of many new packaging materials and methods has greatly changed the packaging effect. For example, as the base material of many packaging materials, biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) has more than 70 production lines, with a total production capacity of about 500000 tons; Biaxially oriented polyester film (BOPET), with 30 production lines and a production capacity of more than 100000 tons; In addition, BOPS sheet BASF exhibited a variety of product solutions, CPP film, three-layer, five layer or even seven layer coextrusion film, vacuum aluminum plating or other composite films, high barrier PVDC casing film and coating film, and other multi-functional and distinctive packaging films can be produced. Beverage bottles and hollow containers of various specifications and processes are everywhere. Foamed plastics and extrusion Extruded foam sheet and vacuum Blister products are also widely used. At present, plastic packaging materials exceed 3.5 million tons, accounting for more than 18% of the total output of plastic products. It is the fastest growing field of plastic products processing industry

II. Plastic materials have been proved to have great development prospects in the field of construction. In the 1980s, China introduced production technology and realized industrial production of building water supply and drainage pipes, profiled doors and windows and other products, which have been widely used and become new building materials encouraged by the state and actively organized and promoted. At present, the proportion of plastic pipes and profiles in building pipes and doors and windows has reached 30% and 15% respectively. The total demand in the future will reach more than 800000 tons per year. Other plastic products, such as wallpaper, floor leather, floor plates, carpets and waterproof rolls, are also becoming indispensable categories in modern building materials

III. there are many kinds of plastics used in the industrial field, and the number increases significantly year by year. The insulation and sheath materials of cables and optical cables have been changed from rubber, lead, paper and other materials to all plastic materials; Computers, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, televisions and many household appliances make plastic materials truly useful; An important sign of the development of automobile industry is the increasing number of plastic materials. At present, all kinds of plastic materials and parts used by several major automobile enterprises can be produced in China. The plastic products processing industry has effectively supported the automobile industry and accelerated the localization of automobile parts production

IV. the concept of healthy consumption drives the development of products. Antibacterial plastics need to improve the service life and reliability of the whole machine. Antibacterial plastic products have been widely used abroad. The United States, Japan, Britain and other countries have widely used antibacterial plastics to produce refrigerators, washing machines, drinking fountains, dishwashers, sanitary ware, plastic water pipes, toys, computer keyboards, 27 Host size: 680 * 400 * 1420mm mouse, various remote controls, food utensils, turnover boxes and medical and sanitary materials. Antibacterial plastic products have appeared in China in recent years. In the middle and late 1990s, the National Engineering Research Center of engineering plastics and Haier Group made a major breakthrough in the industrialization of antibacterial plastics. According to incomplete statistics, the sales of antibacterial plastic household appliances in China has reached 14 billion yuan. According to experts' prediction, plastics are the most widely used field of antibacterial agents. After the application of antibacterial plastics in household appliances and daily necessities, they will be mainly used in building materials, interior decoration industry and interior trim parts of cars. Recently, the antibacterial masterbatch produced by American ARP company has entered the Chinese market, and the situation of antibacterial plastic products in the Chinese market is promising

at present, the application fields of plastics are becoming wider and wider. Food, clothing, housing and transportation, which are closely related to people's life, have formed an indissoluble bond with plastic materials and products. They not only enrich people's life, but also bring convenience and benefits to people. They have become an indispensable part of people's daily life. It can be said that plastic products can be seen wherever there are people


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