Several aspects worthy of attention in the develop

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Several aspects worthy of attention in the development of metal packaging industry

metal packaging industry is an industry dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises. There are widespread phenomena such as small scale, low degree of intensive production, low-level duplication, assimilation of quality structure and price competition. In addition, China's kerosene power transportation was unprecedentedly tight in 2003 and 2004, and the international energy prices and raw material prices continued to rise. Upstream enterprises also raised the prices of materials on this basis; The increased production costs can not be effectively transferred to downstream industries and so on. The fatigue of snow and frost makes people in the industry still talk about the tiger, and their memory is still fresh. In the face of these tangible and intangible pressures and difficulties, they all pose severe challenges to the original growth mode - from industrial structure to product structure, from environmental and ecological requirements to technological upgrading, and urgently require the metal industry to make fundamental adjustments. Under the pressure of the market and the regulation of energy resources, enterprises are forced to go up the Liangshan Mountain to find a way to transfer pressure and highlight the encirclement

of course, there must be gains if there are losses. Enterprises also took the opportunity to reshuffle their cards, raising the threshold of industrial access. Enterprises seek survival in the cracks. According to the operation law of market economy, they adopt the methods of reorganization, merger and leasing, make use of regional differences, disperse risks, form high product concentration and industrial scale effect, and transition to different, scale, professional, international and high value-added products. Some large-scale domestic enterprises, such as COFCO Meite in Hangzhou and AORUIJIN in Beijing, have adopted a group style statistical analysis group and large-scale development model. They have either expanded rapidly based on regional brands, radiated across the country or integrated multiple joint ventures or affiliated companies, or established a new market pattern with an export-oriented "one-stop" development model of design services, OEM processing and overseas markets, It has made a bold attempt and successful exploration for the long-term development of the enterprise

I. several aspects that should be paid attention to in the future development of the industry

in project decision-making, we should control market risks, control industrial investment and pay attention to overcapacity from a strategic perspective

Second, adhere to sustainable development, build an energy-saving society, and develop China's metal packaging industry with circular economy as the key link. In the Eleventh Five Year Plan and even in the next few decades, metal packaging will still focus on fully meeting domestic demand. We should pay attention to the transformation of industrial economic growth mode, prevent excessive expansion of industrial scale, and phase out enterprises with high consumables, high energy consumption and high pollution

in the coming decades, the biggest obstacle to China's rapid economic growth is resources and environmental factors, which are also the obstacles faced by the packaging industry

therefore, we must strengthen the R & D and investment in green packaging industry, vigorously develop products suitable for circular economy, reduce the impact of packaging products on the ecological environment and make more effective use of natural resources, carry out multi angle and multi-disciplinary research around the development of new packaging materials and the "reduction" and "thin wall" of manufacturing technology, and strive to make breakthroughs in some fields in combination with structural design. The following factors should be considered in the green evaluation of green and environment-friendly packaging materials in the processing process: the consumption reduction rate of packaging materials and the consumption reduction rate of auxiliary materials; Reduction rate of energy consumption; Reduction rate of consumption of public resources; Utilization rate of waste materials; Recycling of material debris generated in the processing process: reduction in the weight and volume of manufacturing materials consumed by each basic unit of packaging materials during processing: pollution degree to water and air; The mixing rate and residue of solvents and other foreign substances in the processing of packaging materials; The protection of packaging processing equipment to energy, resources and human body

experts pointed out that to build an energy-saving society, we should firmly grasp the core links of changing the mode of economic growth, adjusting and optimizing the economic structure and developing circular economy. To transform the mode of economic growth from mainly relying on the input of resources to improving the efficiency of resource utilization, we should give effective play to the function of market allocation of resources. We know that in the industrial field, relying on technological progress can reduce the energy consumption per unit product by 2O% ~ 3O%. Therefore, we should also vigorously promote cleaner production in the metal packaging industry and build a green standard evaluation system for metal packaging. We should be good at discovering and giving full play to our comparative advantages, promote technological progress, encourage technological innovation, carry out the overall positioning of regional functions from the optimal combination of resources and the effective connection of industrial chains, form the comparative advantages of the whole region, build the interaction, transfer and radiation within the industry, develop new alternative materials and high-performance materials, adjust the structure, intensive management, develop high-end products, and enhance the competitiveness with science and technology

many varieties of various categories of packaging industry in China have shown the image of a world packaging power in terms of output value and output. In addition, the development of upstream and downstream related industries, the growth of total retail sales of social consumer goods, the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games, and the grand goal pointed out at the 16th National Congress - quadrupling the national economy in jiahe-2o2o and so on, Will bring new development opportunities to the metal packaging industry. In terms of per capita consumption, China's metal packaging market still has great potential. According to statistics, China's annual per capita consumption of about 10 cans of beverages (the sum of two-piece cans and three-piece cans of beverages) is much lower than the level of 380 cans per capita in the United States: China's per capita annual consumption of food cans is less than 1.9kg, while that of Western European developed countries is up to 5kg, and Japan's per capita annual consumption level is 23 kg, which is far from the so-called international level, and there is still much room for development. In terms of per capita consumption, if China's annual per capita consumption increases by 10 cans, it will require a supply capacity of 26 billion cans per year. Therefore, adhering to the concept of sustainable development, under the framework of building an energy-saving society and developing circular economy, and in the development synchronized with the prosperity of the market, the designs and varieties of metal packaging products should also strive to adapt to the market demand and constantly update. The packaging with lighter weight, less materials, more environmental protection and more visual charm is constantly calling for the technological progress and innovative development of metal packaging

at present, iron printing products in developed countries have adopted 0.12 mm or even more ultra-thin tinplate, and adopted micro roll sealing technology for can making, barrel making and cover making, as well as the new technology of directly heating cans with fire or microwave oven, which are inseparable from enterprises increasing investment in scientific and technological research and development of metal packaging products and reducing dependence on raw and auxiliary materials. Domestic enterprises have also begun to increase the speed of scientific and technological research and development. Beijing AORUIJIN company has the courage to practice and explore a new way. Last year, it successfully developed a thin-walled three piece tank, with a thickness of 0.03 ~ 0.o5mm less than that of previous products. Its advantage is to reduce the loss of materials in the production process, reduce the production cost, reduce the scrap rate and reduce the procurement cost by 15%. Due to the secondary cold rolling iron, the process technology is also relatively stable, creating an independent R & D road to reduce resource consumption and realize the sustainable development of metal packaging industry

increase investment in resource reproduction industry and strive to improve resource utilization, alleviate resource shortage and reduce the pressure of environmental pollution in the process of developing circular economy and cleaner production. According to relevant economic statistics, the scale of renewable resources industry in developed countries was US $250 billion at the end of the 20th century, which has increased to US $600 billion at the beginning of this century, and is expected to reach US $1.8 trillion in 2010. These statistics at home and abroad reflect that there is still a large development space in China's metal packaging market. As the arrangement of the third step development strategy of China's packaging industry, combined with the strategic deployment of building an energy-saving country proposed by the central government, the future metal packaging industry should pay close attention to the transformation of economic growth mode like other packaging industry categories, and promote the sustainable development of China's metal packaging industry with the efficient and recycling use of resources


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