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Servo and motion control: witness the extraordinary achievements in the industrial field of new China

the core theory of "agricultural country industrialization" put forward by Mr. Zhang Peigang, a famous economist of the older generation, highly summarizes the vicissitudes and great changes of China in the past 60 years. China has performed a magnificent and great change for human society, gone through the development process of other countries for hundreds of years, and created the "Oriental miracle" that attracts the attention of the world

in the process of industrialization of agricultural countries, automation products play an indispensable role. Compared with other products, servo system is a young industry. The 1960s ~ 1970s was the era of the birth and development of DC servo motor. DC servo system has been widely used in industry and equipment related fields with good stability, The position control of servo system has also developed from open-loop control to closed-loop control. In the application field of CNC machine tools, permanent magnet DC motor occupies a dominant position. Its control circuit is simple, no excitation loss and good low-speed performance. Since the 1980s, with the rapid development of motor technology, modern power electronics technology, microelectronics technology, control technology and computer technology, it has greatly promoted the AC servo drive technology and improved the performance of AC servo system day by day. Its corresponding servo drive device has also experienced the development of analog, digital analog hybrid and full digitization. In the 1990s, the open-loop servo system was quickly replaced by AC servo

driven by the continuous development of China's industrial automation, China's servo market has gradually formed and developed, and servo products have been gradually applied to various fields such as transportation, electric power, new energy development and automobile manufacturing. Servo has developed steadily under China's excellent situation. Based on the National 863 plan, the Innovation Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of science and technology and the key research achievements of the National Tenth Five Year Plan, the control platform technology of servo drive device in China has been basically mature, the market presents rapid diversified development, and many brands at home and abroad have entered the market competition. At present, AC servo technology has become one of the supporting technologies of industrial automation

standing at the special moment of 60 years (3) the weak combination and cooperation ability of composite parts design, material performance and production process of automobile enterprises, non-metallic materials and composite metal materials will be widely used through the servo and motion control industry. This window has witnessed the extraordinary achievements in the industrial field of new China. In the next 60 years, we will write a more brilliant chapter of the Chinese nation and pave the way for the take-off of the great motherland

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