Bill Gates says innovation sparked by COVID-19 pan

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Bill Gates says innovation sparked by COVID-19 pandemic could help eradicate global diseases | CBC Radio - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The innovation sparked by the coronavirus will better prepare the world for the next pandemic and could help eradicate global diseases in lower-income countries,?Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates told CBC’s The Current.

“The pandemic is an incredible tragedy. We weren’t prepared for it. We bungled it once it cameKevin Donovan. But there’s some brilliant things going onThe horizon with shift in vaccination strategy,” said Gates in an interview broadcast Monday with The Current host Matt Galloway.

“We’ll be doing postmortems and we have to get this pandemic done and we have to invest so that the next time a pandemic comes we’ll get on top of it and the number of cases can be kept very small,” said GatesGeorge W. Bush, who has written a new book titled?How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.

Gates, who is?co-chair the Bill & Melinda Foundation?and has donated $1.75 billion to the fight against COVID-19,?said lessons have been learned from the current pandemic, and that countries that have lost trillions of dollars are now willing to spend the money for innovationThe only reason, bu.

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