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Tianqi Shanghai glue midday review: Shanghai glue seeks support, Shanghai oil opens low and goes high

Tianqi Shanghai glue midday review: Shanghai glue seeks support, Shanghai oil opens low and goes high

Shanghai glue continues yesterday's weak pattern today, and the futures price rebounds after a small dip. Ru0807, the main contract, opened 23550. After the low opening of the futures price, the inertia fell, and then stabilized and rebounded slightly. However, the momentum of the market to rush to the 24000 level was weak. The lowest level fell to 23395, and the highest level was 23760. It closed at 23710 in the afternoon, down 220 points from yesterday's close, with 62244 transactions, 772 positions reduced, and 52324 positions

tocom rubber futures fell on Wednesday afternoon, largely following the decline of overnight crude oil and gold futures. Tokyo traders said that the market is also paying close attention to the trend of the US dollar against the yen to seek further direction guidance. So far, the US dollar has hardly changed against the yen. Traders also said, "it is expected that the yen will strengthen against the US dollar for the rest of today. If this expectation is realized, the rubber price is expected to fall further." The benchmark August RSS3 contract fell 3.7 yen to 303.4 yen per kilogram in midday trading

after yesterday's sharp decline in the Tianjiao market, the bullish sentiment in the market was seriously frustrated, and the technical pressure was obvious, making it more difficult for the short-term market to rise; There is still no obvious trend change in Japanese rubber, and the market continues to wait for guidance above 300 yen. Although the following information is understood in detail, the fundamentals provide medium and long-term support for the market, but at present, the market is in a historically high position, and the situation of carbon fiber advanced materials developed by the global economic emperor and the future trend of surrounding markets are uncertain; Speculators such as funds have a strong wait-and-see attitude at the current price, which also makes it difficult for the short-term market to go up and down. In the absence of capital participation, HuJiao is still passively subject to the surrounding markets. Under the pressure of lack of buying and inventory, the market is more likely to continue to adjust. The changing universal machine uses the changing force of the spring to measure how much torque the workpiece can bear. In terms of operation, short trade and stop loss are 24000

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