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Tianrongxin won the title of "2016 excellent cloud security provider"

recently, on the scene of the China Cloud Computing ecosystem summit hosted by the business partner consulting agency, two lists of the 2016 top 500 Chinese cloud computing (cloud500) and the 2016 top 500 Chinese solution providers (var500) were announced at the same time. Relying on its long-term unremitting efforts in the field of information security and its strategic deep cultivation and landing practice in the field of cloud security, Won the title of 2016 excellent cloud security provider, showing its outstanding strength in the field of cloud security

the annual China Cloud Computing ecosystem summit and the cloud500 list are events and focuses of great concern to the IT industry, attracting thousands of cloud computing manufacturers and solution providers to actively participate. The business partner consulting agency, the host of the summit, hopes to form a cloud ecosystem with complementary capabilities and resource sharing, enhance industrial cooperation, and promote the healthy development of China's cloud computing industry by publishing the cloud 500 list. This year's clo cement was mixed with a certain proportion of stones, sand and other filling materials to strengthen the support structure ud500, which took more than two months to investigate and evaluate. If the demand was selected with more complex parameters, thousands of enterprises signed up for the election. According to the indicators of enterprise strength, innovation, development prospects and so on, the most powerful and representative 500 enterprises finally emerged. Tianrongxin won the award for two reasons: first, taking advantage of its long-term professional advantages in information security product research and development and service provision, it helps customers quickly respond to security challenges brought by emerging technologies such as cloud computing and mobile Internet through secure cloud services; Second, continue to promote cooperation with other enterprises in the cloud ecosystem to jointly solve the security problems in cloud computing

in recent years, with the establishment of public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud, how to realize the innovation of secure business application mode in cloud computing environment has become the strategic focus of Tianrongxin company. In response to the security needs under the new situation, Tianrongxin uses cloud computing capabilities to cloud network security capabilities and resources, provides customers with on-demand network security services through the Internet, and connects all customers and resources through the security cloud. In the practice of security cloud service, Tianrongxin makes full use of existing product technology, summarizes intelligence information, finds and prioritizes the most urgent things, and quickly solves security problems. Tianrongxin divides security cloud services into three levels: infrastructure as a service, security platform as a service, and security application as a service. Among them, security application as a service is the earliest service launched by Tianrongxin, and provides rich professional services at this level. At the level of security infrastructure, that is, services, Tianrongxin makes use of its branches all over the country and its rich security product lines to layout. At the level of security platform as a service, Tianrongxin provides customers with security knowledge and information services in the form of openness and cooperation by establishing an ecological alliance with partners

with the continuous deepening of cloud computing applications, the repositioning and shuffling of the IT industry chain is also speeding up, and network security manufacturers led by Tianrongxin have strengthened the strategic layout of cloud security. Yu Haibo, CEO of Tianrongxin, said that in the coming years, network and information security will provide products, people and services to customers in the form of secure cloud services. Customers will pay more attention to security experience and security results. Tianrongxin will work with more partners to provide customers from all walks of life with a better and faster security experience

about Tianrongxin

Beijing Tianrongxin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianrongxin) is a leading provider of information security products, solutions and services in China. The company was founded in 1995, headquartered in Beijing, and was successfully listed on the new third board in 2015. According to the plan, Rongxin continues to lead the development trend of information security market and technology, and is committed to creating a complete set of comprehensive security solutions integrating network security, application security, data security, access security and security management with active discovery, intelligent analysis and dynamic defense for users. Tianrongxin took the lead in launching its own intellectual property firewall products to fill the domestic gap in 1996, to the independently developed programmable ASIC security chip, to the world's first new generation of trusted parallel computing security platform, and then to the super 100 g rack type Optimus security gate in the cloud era. Tianrongxin adheres to independent innovation and completes the transition of domestic safety products to follow, follow or even surpass internationally renowned products. In 2001, Tianrongxin first launched to. In order to clarify a concept of psec linkage protocol standard, it proposed the trusted network architecture (TNA) in 2004, the construction of trusted network world (TNW) in 2008, and the security cloud service strategy in 2016. Regardless of security technology or security concept, Tianrongxin has always led and witnessed the direction of China's information security, and successfully built a famous brand in China's information security industry Topsec

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