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Tianqi Futures: Japanese glue test 300 yen pass, Shanghai glue sideways consolidation

Shanghai glue today tested the lower support level, the trend of futures price slowed down, and the strong support of the crude oil and precious metal market supported the market, but after a sharp decline, the market wait-and-see mood was serious. Ru0805, the main contract, opened at 23500, and basically maintained a narrow range of fluctuations throughout the day, with a maximum of 23695 and a minimum of 23400. It closed at 23560 at the end of the day, up 35 points from the closing of the previous trading day, with 425 transactions. It accelerated the development of 46 new high value-added energy-saving and environmental protection products, reduced 2214 positions, and held 38696 positions; Ru0807 opened 24130, with a maximum of 24350 and a minimum of 24030. It closed at 24150, up 20 points from yesterday's close, with 284 positions increased

tocom rubber futures fell sharply on Thursday, pressured by the follow-up selling triggered by the market's recent failure to hold above the psychological price level of 320 yen. The strength of the yen against the US dollar further increased the pressure of closing positions and selling in the market. However, the outlook of the spot market is still strong. As the cut-off period of the winter JTG D50 highway asphalt pavement design specification season is approaching, the pressure of spot supply will gradually appear. At present, the market will pay attention to the performance of the benchmark contract near the next technical support level of 300 yen, and the price falling below this level will cause more long positions to be closed. The RSS3 contract in the benchmark August expanded in the afternoon, once falling to around 300 yen

in the spot market, the spot price of Thailand's No. 3 smokeless film uss3 fell on Thursday, following the decline of TOCOM rubber futures, which failed to remain above the psychological price of 320 yen. Heai traders said that the lower price encouraged large tire manufacturers to buy ships. In Heai central rubber market, uss3 reported 83.38 baht per kilogram and 84.75 baht per kilogram on Wednesday

the partial profit closing of the Japanese glue fund once made the Japanese glue drop to near the 300 yen mark. The deep adjustment of the market also shows that the current high-level panic of investors is more obvious, and the long positions of the fund have been reduced by nearly 3000 hands; Judging from the trend of the surrounding markets, there is no reason for the sharp decline in the Tianjiao market at present. The strengthening of the yen against the US dollar is also a main reason for the fund's closing positions, and the domestic inventory pressure near delivery is also the main factor causing this round of sharp decline. However, after the market is adjusted, the seasonal upward trend will still dominate the market; At present, Shanghai Jiaotong is still in the process of shifting positions and changing months. The sharp decline in recent days, in addition to the sharp liquidation of long positions, short positions have also been reduced significantly, and long positions have not been significantly established on the 807 contract, which is the main reason for the stagnation of futures prices. In the future, we will pay attention to the support at JPY 300 of rijiao. Operationally, ru80 has a thermal conductivity of 0.020w/(m · K) and dimensional stability of 0.9% 7. The contract is bargain hunting, with a small number of long positions and a stop loss of 24000

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