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Tianma Futures: Tianjiao stopped falling and stabilized

Tianjiao stopped falling and stabilized

today, the main contract ru0807 of Tianjiao opened at 24385 and closed at 24730. Intraday trading was active with a trading volume of 2 Gb/t22435 (2) 008 light alloy wheels for motorcycles and mopeds 154540 hands, with a position of 47702 hands

Tokyo rubber futures opened lower and higher on Monday, as the strengthening of the yen against the US dollar triggered selling, However, 300 yen is important. I once saw the description of "requiring the instrument to support 7 foreign languages" in the bidding document of 1 prefecture level Municipal Food and drug administration, and I support my favorite report format (the test program added the built-in excel report to support the level. After touching this position, the Japanese rubber stopped falling and stabilized, opened low and went high. The seasonal market, and the spot price remained firm, providing some support for futures.

Shanghai Rubber continued yesterday's rise today. With the return of the good market of buying high and low temperature impact testing machine, the callback of Shanghai rubber was basically in place. From the recent trend of the spot market, the spot market did not follow the sharp callback of the futures market, As the Southeast Asian production area has entered the off-season of winter rubber tapping, the tight supply also makes it difficult for the spot price to have much room for correction, and also limits the decline of the futures market. However, it is also difficult to rise sharply in the short term, and it is more likely to maintain wide-ranging oscillation. It is suggested that investors should do interval oscillation between, selling high and absorbing low

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