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I. background

Qidashan Iron Mine of Angang is a key engineering project during the Eighth Five Year Plan period. Since it was put into operation, it has always been a landmark construction model of the national mining system. With the continuous deepening of various technical transformation projects in recent years, especially the continuous improvement of automation level, Qidashan Iron Mine has attracted the attention of the group leaders. However, since the equipment in the whole mining area has been used since the 1990s, there is a lack of complementarity between software and hardware with the equipment developed with digitalization, informatization and networking technology in recent years, and the problem is particularly serious in fault detection. At present, there is an appeal phenomenon in Qidashan iron ore crushing station of Angang Group

the signal panel project of Qidashan iron ore crushing station down moving project of Angang Group is mainly to solve the problem of intelligent fault diagnosis of medium and low voltage frequency converters. Its main diagnosis and fault monitoring object is the PowerFlex water pump frequency converter dozens of kilometers away from the central control room. The fault signal is collected into the upper computer in time, and the alarm data is sent to the email designated by the engineer if necessary, Analyze the fault information and give alarm prompt; At the same time, the ControlLogix controller with 1756-enbt/a in the same section is used to eliminate the fault through the fault handling subroutine

second, system design

the reformed system monitors the PowerFlex frequency converter through Ethernet. When the frequency converter fails, the adapter can send alarm information by e-mail. After careful analysis and a large number of experiments, our design scheme is as follows:

first, configure the adapter. Select the 20-comm-e ethernet/ip adapter to install in PowerFlex, and set a unique IP address through the him operation panel

second, visit the adapter home page to monitor the inverter parameter information. After setting the IP of the adapter, you can view the information of the frequency converter in the form of a page. So as to realize the remote monitoring of frequency converter parameters and operation through Ethernet

third, configure the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server. SMTP is used to deliver e-mail on the Internet. The frequency converter can send the alarm e-mail to the designated e-mail box through the configured SMTP server

fourth, use rslogix5000 software to control the frequency converter through Ethernet, and read and modify the parameters of the frequency converter through datalink. So as to realize the remote control of Inverter Parameters and operation through Ethernet

III. configuration process

first, the adapter is configured with a fence type aluminum lead alloy composite anode. There are two kinds of material performance formulas, which can be used for IP setting, him panel operation and BOOTP server. Take the panel operation as an example to illustrate the specific steps, as shown in the table:

table the steps of setting the inverter IP address

after setting the IP address of the adapter, you can view the inverter information in the form of a page. There are many inverter information options in the page, as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1 the page of inverter information

this system uses forward mail server software to configure the SMTP server, Forward mail server is an e-mail server software, which can realize all the functions of traditional mail server. Set up the forward mail server after installing it. Enter the IP address of the machine in the domain name window and set it. The basic layout of BGI in mechanism is three parts: 1. Only care about making the best graphene material in the future as the server, and fill in the mailbox name and domain in the local mailbox window, for example, set the mailbox to jack@ , as shown in Figure 2. In the management settings window, remove the "start SMTP sending authentication" from the "mail" tab. In the "forward" tab, remove the option "forward mail using a foreign SMTP server" and enter the IP address of this machine in the SMTP Server dialog box. Start the SMTP service, POP3 service and web service of the forward mail server. So far, the setting of the forward mail server is completed

Figure 2 mailbox name and domain settings

fill in the IP address of the SMTP server and the receiving mailbox in the page information item "configure email notification" of the frequency converter. When the frequency converter is powered off, the alarm email sent by the adapter will be received in the mailbox, as shown in Figure 3:

Figure 3 alarm email

finally, the parameters of PowerFlex frequency converter are read and written through datalink, which is used to transmit data between PowerFlex frequency converter and controller. DataLinks can change parameter values without external instructions. When enabled, each datalink consumes 16 bit or 32-bit words in the input or output image. The size of its DataLinks (16 or 32 bits) is determined by the frequency converter and is displayed in the adapter parameter No. 19 [datalink size]

configure the i/o that transmits data through the adapter by setting the No. 23 parameter [DPI i/o CFG] of the frequency converter, and the No. 35 parameter [M-S input] is used to configure the master-slave input data. This data is generated by the master device with the scanner and consumed by the adapter. Parameter No. 36 [M-S output] is used to configure master-slave input. B) after formal production, raw materials, processes, etc. have great changes, which may affect product performance; Output data. This data is generated by the adapter and consumed by the slave device. Select the number of datalink channels in the PowerFlex 70-e module attribute window as 4

in the monitor tags tab of rslogix5000 software, the user can select the parameters erdefineddata[0 ~ erdefinedda

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