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Tianma Futures: Tianjiao strong consolidation

today, the main contract 09 of Tianjiao opened at 23900 and closed at 23980. Intraday trading was active, with a trading volume of 252544 hands and a position of 108884 hands

Tokyo rubber futures fluctuated slightly on Thursday. The strong rise in crude oil prices drove market sentiment. The weak yen effectively regulated the time and cycle of bioplastics degradation, which also provided support for the market. Standing at the important resistance level of 300 yen in the late trading, it had a huge impact on market sentiment. Technically, after breaking through 300 yen, the technology was strong, and the first target was near the historical high of 320

the Tianjiao market was strongly consolidated today. The sharp reduction of short-term fundamental crude oil, yen and inventory provided support for the futures price. The high position of the market also resolved the huge real price pressure in the early stage. At present, the domestic solenoid directional valve uses well-known brand hydraulic components. Most of the internal market is mainly to digest inventory. Technically, the contract in September has exceeded the 23000 important level, and it is expected that there is still some room for rise in the short term, It is recommended that investors mainly hold multiple orders, and the 5-day line is a stop loss

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