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Tianli drying: energy conservation and emission reduction help new industrialization

energy shortage and serious waste are a major bottleneck perplexing China's sustainable economic development. At present, the energy utilization rate of developed countries such as Europe and the United States is 70%, while that of China is only 40%. Industrial energy consumption is huge. As a leading enterprise in China's drying industry, Shandong Tianli drying equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of large-scale energy-saving equipment since its establishment 15 years ago, and has undertaken more than 1000 energy-saving and emission reduction drying projects. Some of the large-scale drying equipment researched and developed has reached the international level, replacing imported products, and generating social and economic benefits of nearly 10 billion yuan

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drying is one of the ancient and common operations, but it is also the most complex and shallowly understood technology. Drying unit technology involves a wide range of fields of the national economy, such as chemical industry, petrochemical industry, medicine, food, papermaking, wood, grain and agricultural and sideline products processing, building materials, environmental protection and other fields. There is a great demand for drying equipment in various industries in China. Taking the fine chemical industry as an example, China has become one of the major producers of fine chemical products in the world, with the output of dyes ranking first in the world, pesticides ranking first, and coatings ranking fourth. All kinds of refined products can basically meet the needs of national economic development, and many products have a considerable share in the international market. As a terminal link, there is a large demand for drying equipment with high technical requirements, with an annual demand of tens of thousands of sets. At the same time, coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, light industry, papermaking, medicine, building materials, environmental protection and other key energy consuming industries have a huge demand for large-scale drying and calcination equipment

Tianli drying is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in thermal drying and related technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, sales, installation and technical consulting services. 2. The experimental force sensor can be used for stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, shearing, 180 degree peeling and 90 degree peeling experiments. The level of the experimental force sensor is adjusted before and after the front of the swing rod. The company has 23 invention patents, 86 utility models and 1795 successful cases. Part of the large-scale drying equipment researched and developed by the company has reached the international level, and has replaced imports in key industries such as petrochemical and chemical industry. Nearly 1000 sets of drying equipment have been developed and applied in petrochemical, chemical, building materials, environmental protection, food, feed, medicine and other industrial production

in recent years, Tianli drying has focused on energy conservation and emission reduction, mainly carrying out scientific research in the fields of high-efficiency combustion technology, high-efficiency heat and mass transfer technology, industrial residual energy utilization technology and process system energy-saving diagnosis and energy system optimization, energy conservation and environmental protection, and carrying out research and development, achievement promotion and demonstration project construction of energy-saving complete sets of technologies and major energy-saving equipment. The company has the largest drying technology laboratory in China. In the field of energy-saving drying technology research, Tianli drying has established cooperative relations with more than a dozen domestic colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, design units and large enterprise groups. In order to promote the research and development of advanced energy-saving drying technology and equipment and the transformation of achievements, Tianli drying has established an innovation team and formed leading products with competitive advantages in the fields of fluidized bed, steam rotation, flash, roller, etc. it has successively undertaken more than 1790 drying projects, obtained more than 100 patents, undertaken 1 national "863" plan project, 1 national "Ninth Five Year Plan" key research topic, and undertaken 35 national and provincial science and technology research projects, It has been listed in 4 national torch plans, 4 key new product plans and 3 key promotion plans

it is understood that Tianli drying's built-in fluidized bed drying device and its system have won the scientific progress award and the Shandong Provincial Energy Conservation Award. It has been widely promoted in alkali, salt and other industries. The energy utilization rate of the product is more than 75%, which replaces imported products and improves the competitiveness of drying equipment in mining and industrial industries such as chemical oil and gas exploration and development, potash mine exploration and development, and comprehensive utilization of tailings, It is also a symbol of energy conservation and emission reduction supported by the state. The promotion effect is very good, and the benefits and social value it brings are more than 10 billion

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