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Tianqi Futures: technical adjustment of Japanese rubber, Shanghai Rubber closed higher over the weekend

TOCOM rubber futures mostly closed lower on Friday, but rebounded from the low hit earlier, as bargain hunting emerged near the "strong" support level of 297 yen. Traders said that the overall outlook of the market remained firm, due to tight supply and bullish spot market support, but the market now needs new supporting news to break through the 305 yen resistance level. The new TOCOM benchmark RSS3 contract in June closed at 302 yen per kilogram, with an opening price of 302.7 yen. The last benchmark contract closed down 1.4 yen to 298.6 yen per kilogram in May

Fundamentals: the spot price of Thailand's No. 3 smokeless film uss3 fell slightly, pressured by the decline of TOCOM futures. Market transactions are very light, as consumers are constrained by the current high prices, and most investors have obtained what they need before Christmas and New Year holidays. The floods in some areas in southern Thailand have subsided, but the supply is still tight due to the delay of rubber cutting caused by rainfall. In the Heai central rubber market, uss3 was reported at 77.19 baht per kilogram and 77.28 baht per kilogram at the end of yesterday's morning trading

today, the Shanghai rubber market showed a low opening and low rebound trend. Although the Japanese rubber made a technical correction at the 300 yen level, driven by the sharp rise in the domestic metal market, Shanghai Rubber gained support and made every effort to rise to the technical pressure level. Ru0803, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao, opened at 22600, and the benchmark contract of Japanese Jiao fell weakly below 300 yen, which made the early trading shock of Shanghai Jiao fall back. However, with the strong drive of the domestic industrial market, Shanghai Jiao rose in shock, with an intraday high of 22895 and a low of 22470. At the end of the day, it closed at 22795, up 80 points from the closing of the previous day, with 252244 transactions, 5302 positions reduction and 78972 positions

Japanese glue corrected before the holiday. After the market developed cold chain logistics sensors for several weeks in a row, the pressure of technical correction increased. From the perspective of technical graphics, the overall upward trend remained good, and the moving average diverged upward. In the future, driven by the favorable weather factors in the production area and fund buying, the futures price still has further momentum; Shanghai Jiaotong's performance today is relatively strong, including sine wave, 3-angle wave, trapezoidal wave, combined wave, etc., which are mainly driven by the sharp rise in the industrial products market. However, whether the market can break through the pressure zone requires further cooperation from capital and more information; At present, the fundamentals are positive. China is in the cut-off period, and the short-term is mainly to digest inventory. The future market of Shanghai Jiaotong is still bullish; With the passage of time, the impact of the weather in the production area on the output and the trend of Japanese rubber and crude oil in the future will be the main factors determining the rising space of Shanghai rubber. Operationally, multiple orders continue to be held

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