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Import and export food packaging will implement the new regulations

recently, it was learned from Jinhua entry exit inspection and quarantine bureau that in order to ensure the safety and health of import and export food graphite industry reflecting China's strategic mineral dilemma, deal with foreign trade barriers, and print the experimental data and the average value of the experiment. Since August 1, 2006, China will Carry out safety and health inspection and Quarantine of transportation packaging and packaging materials, and implement filing management for export food packaging production enterprises and food packaging importers; The raw and auxiliary materials used for processing export packaging for the first time, including printing oil, additives, etc., shall be tested and qualified and filed with the local inspection and quarantine authority; The enterprise code system shall be implemented for export food packaging production enterprises, and the enterprise code shall be marked on the packaging container according to the standard requirements

it is understood that the scope of inspection and quarantine supervision of export food packaging includes inspection, quarantine and supervision of production and business activities such as production, processing, storage and sales of export food packaging. The packaging of exported food is mainly inspected according to the mandatory requirements of the technical specifications of the importing country related to safety and health; If there are no special requirements in the laws and regulations of the importing country, the inspection shall be carried out according to the mandatory requirements of China's technical specifications. The packaging of imported food shall be inspected according to the mandatory requirements of China's technical specifications. Only after passing the inspection and quarantine can it be used for packaging and containing food

the implementation of the above provisions will further promote the optimization of the quality of imported and exported food, and will also have a certain impact on the purchase of raw and auxiliary materials, production process control, product quality inspection of relevant enterprises. Engineering plastics can be divided into general engineering plastics and special engineering plastics, and export inspection. Therefore, the inspection and quarantine department reminds export food production enterprises to pay attention to the following matters: first, the packaging procurement contract should be revised in time to add quality standard clauses for direct contact with food packaging; Second, when purchasing packaged products, the other party must be required to provide the inspection and quarantine certificate of export packaging attached to the packaged products; Third, get familiar with the relevant inspection and quarantine work and inspection application regulations. The suppliers of imported packaging and materials shall timely complete the filing work according to the requirements of the subsequent notice, and provide the technical testing instructions of packaging materials

source: Jinhua

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