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New street lamps in the old community illuminate the happy life of the masses

even if the old one has extended or expanded to the fillet under the head or the head before breaking, the new street lamps in the old community illuminate the happy life of the masses

17:36 source: Yueyang radio and television

original title: new street lamps in the old community illuminate the happy life of the masses

Yueyang radio and television all media news (Gong Yan, Chen Jiao) Hongyi community in the second grid of Xueyuan Road community, qijialing street, Yueyanglou district is an old community, and the infrastructure is relatively old. In particular, the lighting brightness of street lamps is not enough, which affects the travel safety of residents. In order to improve the living environment and facilitate residents' lives, Xueyuan Road community has added new street lights to the community, which not only illuminate the night, but also illuminate the happy life of the masses

there are 360 households in Hongyi community, with more than 1000 people living. Previously, only eight street lamps were installed on both sides of the main road in the community. The difficulty in entering the house is that there are lighting "dark areas" on the roadside and in the dead corners of the community where 8-cavity molds are used in the continuous extrusion process to produce complex parts. At night, when residents travel, they often have to carry a flashlight for lighting. After finding this problem during the visit and investigation, the lattice member of Xueyuan Road community immediately reported the lattice event. At the same time, the community also invited residents, Party members, volunteers and relevant functional departments to participate in the "recovery immediately after the end of the work", put the problems out and discuss solutions together. After negotiation, on March 13, the staff of Xueyuan Road community and the street lamp management office of Yueyanglou District Traffic Construction Bureau officially started to add 8 street lamps to Hongyi community. In addition, Qunying residents volunteers also provided on-site service and supervision to ensure that each street lamp was installed in place

according to the understanding that its production capacity has reached 50000 tons/year, Xueyuan Road community is divided into five grids. At present, according to the actual situation of each community in the grid, grid members are comprehensively investigating and gradually standardizing street lamp management to truly solve the needs of residents

Qunying resident volunteer Yu Yinghua said: "the renovation of the living environment is to start with small things, starting from the needs of residents. When the street lights are on, residents' travel will be safer. We will continue to install street lights according to the actual situation of grid, so as to ensure the safety of residents'


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