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Aluminum leader style interview channel is a newly revised

Aluminum leader style interview channel, which is a new high-end leader interview video media created by China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition, and was first launched at China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition in 2013. So far, it has served nearly 100 well-known enterprises, relevant associations and media in the industry. Its brand influence, click through rate and coverage have been highly recognized by the industry, customers and partners. It has become a relay station for the authoritative voice of the aluminum industry and a distribution platform for first-hand information

as China's aluminum industry has gradually transitioned from mining and smelting in the past to playing a leading role in the aluminum deep processing industry, its investment trend, profit contribution and capacity layout have presented a new pattern. In 2014, the organizers upgraded and revised the station: starting from the first-hand information of the aluminum deep processing industry and relying on video interviews with industry leaders, they pay full attention to the prospects of the aluminum industry and the development problems faced by the development of aluminum enterprises

aluminum channel revision and upgrading, PolyOne TPE materialsnbsp; It is used to innovate wearable smart devices, focusing on the field of aluminum deep processing. The revised alutv channel retains the interview column of leaders of the storm, continues the video interview form of industry leaders, and leads the interview focus to aluminum application and deep processing. On this basis, three new columns are added: first, industry technology information, which focuses on the latest cutting-edge news and trends of aluminum in the application field, and shares the latest international and domestic industry technology with the industry's superior grounding installation community through the aluminum style interview channel; Second, the application trend of aluminum, reporting the latest development pattern of aluminum application field and important activities in deep processing; Third, the glory of the enterprise, showing the unique advantages of aluminum deep-processing enterprises in technology, products, management, culture, but also coated with good bioceramic particles

highlight the positioning of the first professional video station in the aluminum deep processing industry. Quenching is beneficial to the shaping of plastic extruded cladding.

this revision, the sponsor first positioned alutv as a professional video station focusing on aluminum application and deep processing based on the transformation and upgrading and strategic adjustment of China's aluminum industry. Adhering to the concept of authority and speed, alutv has significantly improved the authority, timeliness and exclusivity of information

at the same time, a clearer Division has been made for the content of the station: the module partition of Fengyun leader interview, industry technical information, aluminum application trend and so on is more concise; Relying on the brand effect of China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition, highlight the positioning of Alu TV as the first information station in the aluminum deep processing industry, uniformly divide interview videos according to audience groups and topics, and produce independent units for rolling publicity

this series of optimization caters to the classification needs of different types of professional audiences for the attention of video content, making it more convenient and efficient for all kinds of audiences, including aluminum processing enterprises, deep processing equipment enterprises, aluminum downstream application enterprises, and industrial media, to obtain information, increase attention, and make content recommendations more targeted. In addition, the design of the content section has also changed. The new presentation method will bring professional audiences a more intuitive and visually impactful viewing experience

alutv has deepened its cooperation and promotion with the official website of China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition, Weibo, domestic and international professional media, and relevant associations, so that its status as the first video media for aluminum deep processing in China can be highlighted, and its advantageous resources can be more prominent

in this regard, the person in charge of alutv said: Based on hot topics such as the transformation and upgrading of aluminum enterprises and deep processing and manufacturing, we will build the station into a professional video station with accurate professional positioning, timely product information and authoritative first-hand news release. Relying on the strong brand and resource advantages of China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition, through a series of optimization and improvement of the channel, we will bring the best brand image International advanced technology and industry development pattern lead enterprises, thus driving the whole China's aluminum deep processing industry forward

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