New regulations on wood quarantine in Zhangjiagang

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It is worth paying attention to: Zhangjiagang timber Quarantine has issued new regulations

as we all know, Zhangjiagang timber market is located in Jingang town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province. It is the largest water transportation import timber market in China and one of the largest timber trading bases in China

in November last year, Zhangjiagang wood trading related regulations, all foreign customers who come to Zhangjiagang to buy imported wood, need to first apply for forest plant quarantine requirements in the local forestry department, which is generally 5% smaller than the test value, before they can apply for a wood quarantine certificate in Zhangjiagang. This includes logs and boards

recently, another regulation was implemented in Zhangjiagang. It is understood that the log import of Zhangjiagang port has a transaction with the buyer. The log supplier needs to provide the timber entry quarantine certificate, the timber customs declaration form, and the most important thing is to provide a copy of the business license of the enterprise. In addition, it must be stamped with the official seal, and it must also provide a copy of the corporate identity card of the enterprise, while the buyer must provide the name, detailed address, contact and contact person of the timber processing plant, This regulation has been implemented in Zhangjiagang, and we have also received relevant information, which is true

as soon as this regulation was issued, Zhangjiagang timber market caused another minor disturbance. The reasons are as follows:

first, the circulation link is cumbersome, the customs declaration process of imported timber is more strict, which virtually increases the time cost, and the transaction uncertainty between the two sides increases. It is very difficult to find a customer, which is likely to fail because of the cumbersome transaction

second, for fear of information leakage, it is understandable for both parties to provide the enterprise name, but it is necessary to provide a copy of the enterprise business license, which must be stamped with official seal, and providing, address, etc., is a little impractical. Most people know that at this stage, China's Internet system is not perfect, and there are many people who sell personal information in large quantities. In this way, who will guarantee the security of the buyer's own information, and who will bear the consequences of the leakage of personal ID number and other information

third. When it comes to combating environmental protection, there is no need to score who is right and who is wrong. Employees should make money, enterprises should survive and the country should develop. If the buyer provides the detailed address, name and contact information of his factory, it is equivalent to completely exposing some small and medium-sized processing plants to the "sunshine". At this stage, the wind of environmental protection has been irresistible across the country. Many enterprises have heard that the wind has changed, and some lucky Enterprises will have nowhere to hide. What wood they buy, where to buy it, where to buy it under the action of the load friction body, and where to process it after buying it, Who is the person in charge of the enterprise? It meets the ISO 13485 standard at a glance

as for the third point of view, we will not comment on whether it is good or bad. As far as this provision is concerned, it will not only affect the supplier or the buyer, but also a measure to control the transaction between the two parties at the same time

this measure virtually increased the difficulty of timber traders' transactions in Zhangjiagang, which greatly affected the liquidity. In order to ensure survival, it undoubtedly formed an obstacle to the liquidity of timber

as for why there is this regulation suddenly, it is not completely clear at present. This regulation has been proved to have been implemented. Here we remind all timber traders to be prepared and plan for it

recently, the trend of African logs in Zhangjiagang is relatively good, and OKAN, African red sandalwood, Shabili, etc. maintain a certain shipment volume. However, from the perspective of the merchants' reflection, although these materials go fast, their profitability is weak, and the merchants are helpless to buy high and sell high

Zhangjiagang BAXIN materials and Salomon materials still maintain high shipments, which is related to the merchants' rush to sell goods on the one hand, and on the other hand, the strong substitutability also makes them win the market in the era of pursuing cost performance. Nutmeg (commonly known as great red sandalwood), mountain bamboo, Tangmu, bakelite, olive kernel and other popular wood species in the market

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