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Fujian: there are new regulations on wood packaging of imported goods

and in the process of reducing the amount of GB 9754 (8) in the determination of 20 °, 60 ° and 85 ° specular gloss of paint films of paints and varnishes that do not contain metallic pigments, it was learned from Fujian inspection and quarantine bureau that the "measures for the supervision and administration of quarantine of wood packaging of imported goods" will be officially implemented from July 1, 2006

the new method requires that the wooden packaging of imported goods should be subject to effective heat treatment (HT) or methyl bromide fumigation (MB) in the exporting country or region, and then be added with the special IPPC pest control treatment mark recommended by the international plant protection organization in each instance of 3D printing tubular scaffold. With this mark, the exporting country or region is no longer required to issue an official plant quarantine certificate, fumigation certificate or statement. It is understood that this move can not only effectively prevent the spread of pests with the wooden packaging of imported goods, but also greatly improve the customs clearance speed of imported goods due to the random inspection of the wooden packaging of imported goods with signs. However, if the wooden packaging of imported goods without signs or the detection of live pests or signs do not meet the standards, they will be required to return, destroy or take other treatment measures. It is estimated that more than US $1 billion of imported goods in the province will benefit from the convenient customs clearance of inspection and quarantine this year

for this reason, Fujian inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded relevant enterprises: when signing import trade contracts, do not forget to sign the terms of quarantine requirements for wooden packaging, and clearly require that the wooden packaging of imported goods must be subject to disinfection and disinfestation treatment, plus the special IPPC disinfection and disinfestation treatment mark recommended by the international plant protection organization and recognized by China. Otherwise, it will not only reduce the speed of customs clearance, but also have a negative impact on trade

source of information: Strait Metropolis Daily

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