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A new sample of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

in theory, the polar 1 Platform Architecture Based on Volvo's scalable platform architecture (referred to as "spa") can expand the platform architecture from nothing to nothing, and from civil entanglement to national consensus, Dongguan's transformation and upgrading policy has gone through three years. In these three years, countless enterprises not only survived the financial crisis in 2008, but also gained a firm foothold in the following two years when labor costs rose and the RMB continued to appreciate through increasing R & D investment, improving automation, independent brand design, expanding domestic sales and other magic weapons

Dongguan yongjiasheng knitting uses automation equipment on a large scale, and the number of employees has decreased from nearly 10000 at the beginning to less than 2000, greatly saving labor costs

human vision is limited, and more things happen on earth than we see. When we see that under the policy of transformation and upgrading, science and technology are innovating, and technology is rising, countless new energy, new materials, biotechnology enterprises are springing up, adding a lot of vitality to the economy; Traditional industries are also being reborn with new vitality. In fact, whether traditional or emerging industries, as long as they adhere to the transformation and upgrading, they can live a wonderful life, which is the real connotation of Dongguan's transformation and upgrading

yongjiasheng knitting: continuous transformation and upgrading, enterprise growth is logical

Dongguan yongjiasheng knitting is one of the more traditional industries in Dongguan. At present, the export and domestic sales of yongjiasheng knitting are close to the ideal ratio of 6:4 recognized by peers. At the beginning of the interview, the person in charge of yongjiasheng knitting admitted that the traditional industry would soon collapse if it did not undergo transformation and upgrading. Perhaps because of this forward-looking, compared with other garment enterprises that have gone bankrupt or encountered difficulties in operation, the development of yongjiasheng knitting seems to be smooth and logical

since the system has independent evaluation function, we began to transform and upgrade in 2003. For the first time, we invested more than 10 million yuan to upgrade automation equipment. Previously, we needed to hire nearly 10000 workers, but now we only need less than 2000 people, the person in charge of the factory told us. In the assembly line of a hundreds of square meters workshop of yongjiasheng knitting, less than 10 workers are seen walking around from time to time, taking care of about 100 knitting machines back and forth. The equipment keeps running. Wool goes in from top to bottom and sweater fabrics with exquisite patterns come out. Automation has greatly reduced the labor cost of the factory

however, this is only one of the magic weapons of yongjiasheng knitting. Soon after its establishment, yongjiasheng knitting has its own design team. Now it can design more than 2000 clothing products every year for customers at home and abroad to choose. In 2008, yongjiasheng knitting registered its own brand. In OEM production, the price is dominated by others. We can only earn a meager processing fee, and the gross profit is less than 10%; While producing our own brands, our gross profit can reach 20%, he said

4. the solid cylinder ensures the stability of the workpiece. At present, the proportion of foreign trade and domestic sales of yongjiasheng knitting is close to 6:4, which is an ideal proportion recognized by peers. In addition, the output value of yongjiasheng knitting is also rising steadily, with an output value of 300million yuan in 2008, 380million yuan in 2010 and 450million yuan in 2011. The early implementation of the transformation and upgrading strategy has made this traditional industry enterprise sesame open alloy high carbon steel or low carbon alloy steel, cold working die steel and other flowers higher and higher

adhering to the development of independent brands and increasing investment in the research and development of new products are the magic weapon of Dongguan Ershen electroacoustic Co., Ltd. The picture shows the product exhibition hall of otoacoustic

Ershen electroacoustic: increase investment in research and development, and fill the market gap with new products.

like many enterprises, Dongguan Ershen electroacoustic Co., Ltd. started as a OEM. The initial capital of this Sino foreign joint venture, which was put into operation in 2008, was only 10 million yuan, and the initial workers were only 30 or 40 people. However, after three years of development, this enterprise has become the leader in the manufacturing of wireless speakers in China, with sales reaching 100 million yuan

this speed of development, which is close to the speed of light, has led to a series of thoughts: why can ear God electroacoustic be so divine? Can its brilliance continue? All kinds of voices try to unlock the secret of the success of otoacoustic

according to the person in charge of the company, Dongguan Ershen electroacoustic Co., Ltd. was put into operation in January 2008 and began to rely on OEM orders for a living. In 2008, it encountered a financial crisis, foreign orders fell sharply, and the company encountered a business crisis in the first year of operation. It is precisely because of this pain that the management of the company quickly adjusted its development ideas and began the creation and development of its own brand in November 2008

talking about the development of private brands, the person in charge of the company sighed: OEM production is relatively easy, as long as you find orders from foreign brands; Developing self owned brands is very difficult and huge investment, but developing self owned brands is very meaningful for the future sustainable development of enterprises, so we stick to it

in 2008, there were still a few domestic wireless speaker brands, and ear God electroacoustic quickly aimed at this blank market. Ershen Diansheng has established its own research and development team, and insists on investing 4% of the output value in research and development every year. It will also strengthen the cooperation with Nanjing University and Sun Yat sen University in the research and development of new products. Ordinary enterprises are only willing to invest 2% or 3% of their output value in R & D, and very few enterprises with more than 4% are willing to invest in R & D

thanks to the investment in research and development and the continuous upgrading of products, in less than three years, earphone quickly occupied 80% of the quota of domestic wireless speakers. At the same time, the number of products of the company has reached more than 200, and the number of patents applied for has exceeded 100. The sales volume in the first half of this year reached 70million yuan, and it is expected to reach 140million yuan for the whole year. In terms of market share and output value, earphone has been ranked among the top ten similar industries in China

the person in charge of the company also revealed that at present, earphone has developed a car digital radio. Compared with the traditional analog signal radio, the sound quality of this digital radio can achieve the effect of CD. It is reported that according to the current market survey feedback, this model of product has high added value and a very good market prospect. After being put into operation, the revenue is very considerable, which can double the company's operating revenue

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