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New strategy for enterprise training and development under the financial crisis at present, the financial crisis is frequent, and it is no wonder that everyone has summoned up their spirits to deal with this imminent economic recession that will last for several months. Many enterprises have also begun to review and adjust their operating budgets in 2009 to cope with the more difficult coming year. Which budgets will be cut? Training, marketing and travel expenses are often the most likely victims

as for the practice of reducing the proportion of training budget, or even completely reducing it, opponents believe that the training conducted by enterprises during the economic recession will help improve employee morale, make them better self reserve, and deal with the difficulties caused by the financial crisis; In turn, employees use the new skills learned in training to help enterprises get out of the crisis more quickly, which is unmatched by those enterprises that lack foresight

in fact, we can achieve a win-win and mutually beneficial situation between talent training and enterprise budget

pay attention to enterprise training and development. During the business recession, enterprises should spend more time on "self reflection". In recent years, the rapid economic development in Asia has led to the rapid expansion of many businesses. Ironically, small enterprises found themselves ill prepared to cope with the huge enterprise organizational structure, overall operation and business after they developed into large regional and even global companies. How to effectively manage, coordinate and achieve sustainable growth? These problems come one after another

therefore, it is particularly important for enterprises to train the administrative management because they are not familiar with the standard. It will make the company's business and staff quality grow together. Different from the traditional training programs, which often focus on the surface shape, reinforcement grade, strength grade code, nominal diameter, yield point not less than tensile strength not less than elongation not less than cold bending d-bending center diameter, a-reinforcement diameter, optimization of professional technology or soft skills, enterprise training development emphasizes the cultivation of business and management knowledge and experience

there is a common contradiction: senior managers often want their excellent subordinates to work hard and require them to improve themselves. Previous experience tells us that diligent and dedicated employees spend most of their time and energy on completing their own work and rarely have time to do other things. These managers have been recognized and promoted for their outstanding contributions to the enterprise, but ironically, even though they have rich technical capabilities, their lack of academic skills makes them finally find themselves unable to do something about some problems, which is often the "weakest link" in many enterprise succession planning, and it is also one of the reasons why many companies are forced to recruit executives

talent development does not need too much budget. To be consistent with long-term planning and strategy, enterprises must constantly invest in the development of employees, even in the period of business downturn. However, we need to be more cautious in planning development plans to maximize the return of every investment. To achieve this, we need to invest funds in key points and actual training and development, rather than minor expenses such as travel, accommodation and training sites. Of course, the most expensive intangible cost is employee off-duty training

virtual training - adversity drives innovation

so what should companies do? "Virtual training" would be a good choice. Don't confuse "virtual training" with "network learning", which are very different. The former is equipped with senior assistants and point-to-point interaction and cooperation. This learning experience is very interesting. The design and arrangement of the course is very flexible and easy to operate, which is very attractive for busy senior executives. The traditional network learning is often a single line communication between students and computers. The learning experience is not rich, and the effect depends largely on the students' own learning motivation

as an internationally leading graduate school, U21 higher education is committed to providing an ideal virtual learning experience to help enterprises meet the learning needs of employees and the development needs of senior talents. All courses are taught, which means that all non essential expenses such as travel, accommodation and teaching venues are exempted. The students were in the virtual classroom, and a professor with doctoral qualifications led them to participate in the group discussion. At the same time, the professor also supervised the group topics and task assignments, and presided over seminars and podcasts. In addition, Wikipedia and blog are also included as collaborative tools of knowledge management, so that the information of all participants can be fully shared

face to face training courses are not only expensive, but how to coordinate all students also gives the enterprise training department a headache. Fortunately, the virtual course is easier to organize and coordinate, and it just takes advantage of the students' spare time outside of work and travel. Unlike face-to-face training, students do not need to leave the office. The whole course is completely student-centered, and they can log in to the classroom anytime and anywhere for learning. This also avoids the annoyance of the enterprise training department in the multi-party coordination of trainers and trainees and the coordination of the availability of training venues

get more training at a lower cost. Of course, it has to be implemented on the issue of "value". Through virtual teaching, enterprises can provide training and development opportunities for more employees according to the same or even less budget. As mentioned above, the training budget will be greatly saved, and additional expenses such as travel, accommodation and training venues will be exempted. More importantly, because employees do not need off-duty training, there will be no downtime

in this knowledge-based society with global economic integration, some basic principles remain unchanged. Human resources have always been regarded as the most important asset of enterprises. In traditional practice, many enterprises only send a few senior managers to top business schools for training as a special benefit. Now with virtual training, enterprises can send a large number of managers and potential leaders to business schools for study, which will effectively refit the experimental machine. It starts from testing and refitting to improve the overall leadership, entrepreneurship and competitiveness of the company

whether in the financial crisis or not, strengthening talent investment will ultimately benefit the enterprise itself, which will be fed back in business improvement, performance growth and other aspects. (end1. The main technical parameters of the experimental machine fully meet the requirements of gb/t6111 and gb/t15560 standards)

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