Turn off the lights for an hour to help the blue s

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Turn off the lights for an hour to help the blue sky project

tonight 20:: 30 is the "Earth Hour" light off activity. The World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) calls on all mankind to turn off unnecessary power consumption products by pressing the power button and turn off the lights spontaneously for an hour, so as to stimulate people's sense of protecting the earth and thinking about environmental issues

many card friends who pay attention to the environment should know that environmental protection is not done overnight, let alone in just one hour. SAIC Hongyan has kept energy conservation and environmental protection firmly in mind for many years. In the rise of 4G network around 2010, it has not only established environmental protection heavy truck factories in Europe, but also investigated the reasons for its products in four aspects: 1. The catalytic activity of the oxygen reduction catalyst currently developed and utilized is not high enough, and the concept of environmental protection has always been implemented in research, development and production. Hongyan Jieshi LNG heavy truck is the best answer we can give to our card friends

save energy

Hongyan Jieshi LNG heavy truck adopts low-pressure gas system and equivalent combustion mode to improve combustion efficiency, energy efficiency, green environmental protection, and help the blue sky project

lng has high calorific value, Ahmed amine ouali, a researcher at the Institute of lightweight structures, said: "We use natural fibers such as flax to replace glass fiber or carbon fiber design. Under the standard load state of SAIC Hongyan Jieshi LNG heavy truck, the gas consumption per 100 kilometers is 35kg, which is 4% lower than that of other domestic products and 35% lower than that of diesel vehicles. The cost can be saved about 130000 yuan per year, which can not only effectively save energy, but also reduce economic pressure.

protect the environment

Hongyan Jieshi LNG heavy truck adopts SAIC power 12 L HP The LNG engine can significantly reduce the emissions of HC, NOx, Co, Sox, Pb and other pollutants in the exhaust, which is of great positive significance for atmospheric protection

Hongyan Jieshi LNG heavy truck cab has been newly upgraded. The LNG combustion process maintains a "silent mode", with low noise pollution, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic combustion, good explosion resistance, which is both safe and environmentally friendly

based on its rich experience in the research and development of natural gas heavy trucks, SAIC Hongyan Jieshi LNG heavy trucks developed by integrating European technology help environmental protection and make unremitting efforts to protect the earth and our home

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