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The 13th five year plan for PV will generate trillion yuan of market demand and will be activated. On October 12, the fourth (2015) PV leaders' summit was grandly held in Beijing. It is reported that this conference is an annual photovoltaic grand ceremony jointly organized by the Renewable Energy Professional Committee of China Circular Economy Association and a number of important scientific research institutions, industry associations and important international and domestic high-quality enterprises in the industry. The summit aims to build a high-end photovoltaic dialogue platform, draw on the advanced forces of the industry and promote the healthy development of the industry

liangzhipeng, deputy director of the new and renewable energy department of the national energy administration, mentioned in his speech entitled "development opportunities and mission of the photovoltaic industry in the 13th five year plan" that in order to support the development of the industry, photovoltaic subsidies will not stop in the coming years, but distributed photovoltaic will be the focus of development in the future, and the subsidies will also be tilted. Liangzhipeng said that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the development mission of the photovoltaic industry includes achieving the target of the proportion of non fossil energy and maintaining the jobs of 100000 people in 2020, which requires an additional 300million tons of standard coal than that in 2014; Due to the reduced scale of hydropower production and the limited scale of nuclear power construction, wind power and solar power are mainly used for power generation. Photovoltaic power generation continues to maintain rapid development, especially to expand the distributed scale. The second mission is to simultaneously improve conversion efficiency and reduce costs. By 2020, the system cost will reach less than 5 yuan per watt; Third, it is necessary to realize industrial upgrading, have strong independent R & D capability, localize key equipment, improve the technical strength of the whole industrial chain, improve technical capability and industrial supporting system; Policies guide advanced technology products to expand the market, and increase the construction scale of the leader demonstration base

it is noteworthy that recently, three major domestic photovoltaic industry associations - China Photovoltaic Industry Association, renewable energy professional committee of China Circular Economy Association and China renewable energy society jointly submitted three policy documents on promoting the development of photovoltaic industry. The three documents are "suggestions on improving the goals of photovoltaic power generation during the 13th Five Year Plan period", "suggestions on supporting the healthy development of photovoltaic industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period" and "information and suggestions on the electricity bill gap of photovoltaic power stations"

it is understood that the 13th five year plan for photovoltaic and other industries is being formulated. Many insiders said that the PV planning target is expected to be increased, but the specific increase range has not been determined. Previously, the proposal on improving the goals of photovoltaic power generation in the 13th five year plan mentioned that the goal of photovoltaic installation in the 13th five year plan was adjusted from 100million kW to 200million kW. Industry insiders said that during the "13th five year plan" period, the average annual new demand for PV is expected to reach 20GW to 30GW, far higher than the current average annual demand level. It is expected that as the policy is clarified, the business model is mature and the financing end is improved, the expectation of a significant outbreak of distributed PV during the 13th Five Year Plan period is gradually increasing

insiders predict that from 2016 to 2020, the installed capacity of PV will continue to remain high, and the cost of PV single watt will also drop rapidly; It is estimated that by 2020, the photovoltaic power generation price will be equivalent to the electricity sales price; At that time, the proportion of photovoltaic power generation in the electricity consumption of the whole society will be greatly increased. Photovoltaic, as one of the main development directions of clean energy, will be activated under the background of economic transformation and vigorous development of green economy. The industry has broad prospects for development. As the "13th five year plan" is expected to increase the installed scale of PV, the valuation will be improved and the profitability will exceed expectations. Under the background that the state vigorously supports the development of photovoltaic industry, relevant stocks deserve special attention

Yijing optoelectronics is the leader in the integration of solar cell modules in China. It owns ingots/technology, which plays a key role in partners' entrepreneurship. It has a vertical integrated industrial chain of pull rod, silicon chip cutting, cell chip manufacturing and cell module packaging. By the end of 2014, the company's annual capacity of cells and modules was 1GW. At the same time, the company is also actively arranging the operation business of downstream photovoltaic power stations. Recently, the 100MW "fish light integration" photovoltaic power generation project with a total investment of 860million yuan has been realized and generated power. According to preliminary estimation, the annual average power generation of the project is about 120million kwh. In August last year, the company signed the photovoltaic agricultural investment cooperation framework agreement with the people's Government of Zhulin Town, Jintan City, Jiangsu Province. It plans to invest 1.6 billion yuan to build a 200 MW modern agricultural photovoltaic power station project in a 10000 mu vegetable base

as a comprehensive and vertically integrated solar product production and sales company, Topri Xinneng has a series of production lines from single/polycrystalline silicon battery chip modules, thin film battery modules, solar independent systems to ultra white photovoltaic glass. At present, the company is one of the most diversified manufacturers of solar energy products in China, and its products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. The company is building a "tianjiali" financial platform, which will provide financial support for the supply chain of photovoltaic power stations and power stations through the integration of resources in the photovoltaic industry, create a supply chain financial platform for the benign interaction between the traditional photovoltaic manufacturing industry and the emerging Internet finance, and integrate the shopping platform of Shanghai photovoltaic mall to open a virtuous cycle of "energy, manufacturing and finance". Photovoltaic will become the mainstream of the power battery industry in a certain period of time in the future; May 27 is a new development chapter of the state model

Jinggong technology is positioned as the leader of special equipment technology and the promoter of industrial upgrading. It is mainly engaged in high-tech products such as special solar photovoltaic equipment, new building energy-saving equipment, and special light textile equipment. It is a leading enterprise in the domestic solar photovoltaic process research and solar photovoltaic special equipment manufacturing industry; It is a well-known enterprise with the most complete and competitive steel structure buildings and special equipment for new building materials in the world; It is the largest and most profitable light textile special equipment production base in China, and many segmented products occupy a dominant market position. Among them, the leading products, special photovoltaic equipment and special equipment for building materials, have a market share of more than 40%, and the special equipment for light textile has a market share of more than 65%

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