The 14th IET Global English speech contest was off

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The fourteenth IET Global English speech contest was officially launched

the fourteenth IET Global English speech contest was officially launched

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(March 28, 2019, Beijing) - the China regional event of the present around the world (hereinafter referred to as patw), hosted by the IET British Society of engineering technology, was fully launched nationwide from March to May this year. Patw is an international event specially designed for young professionals and students in the field of engineering technology. It has been successfully held in China for 13 consecutive years. It has attracted nearly 30 domestic well-known universities, research institutes, enterprises and thousands of competitors, including Tsinghua University and Peking University, to participate in the event. It calls on the new generation of Engineering youth to show their outstanding ability and innovative thinking, and to show their youthful demeanor on the international stage

patw not only provides Chinese engineering and technology professionals and students with 7. control mode: PLC provides an international stage, but also sets a new benchmark for the national engineering leading technology research and development and industry talent training strategy. The contestants who have won the patw China division have the opportunity to have in-depth exchanges in the Asia Pacific Division and the global finals, compete with outstanding youth and student representatives in the field of global engineering technology, and also get comments and guidance from experts who want to tell you about Jinan new era trial, a global authority. This competition aims to encourage the contestants to show themselves. It can not only effectively improve the contestants' speech level, technical and professional level, but also exercise their comprehensive use of English and expression ability. In order to motivate the contestants, at different stages of the competition, the contestants have the opportunity to obtain the bonuses and gifts specially set up by IET, and the personal bonus can be up to 1000 pounds

as an international speech contest hosted by IET for many years, patw has enjoyed a high influence and reputation in the field of engineering technology, won recognition and strong support from many parties in the industry, and received extensive attention from the British Embassy in China, enterprises and institutions, the media and other sectors of society. This is the first event held after IET fully launched its new brand, advocating to stimulate the innovative spirit of the new generation of engineering and technology professionals and students. The competition was also selected into the "English is big" program launched by the British Council for culture and education in China, so that the contestants can learn more professional English speech knowledge. In order to encourage the new generation of scientific and technological innovation talents, the multinational enterprise Smiths group has specially sponsored the "Smith Innovation Award"

iet International Operation Director Mr. Yien said: "We believe that as the first event after the full launch of the new IET brand, this patw will show the core brand concept and industry vision of the confirmed IET, and stimulate the extraordinary vitality and innovative wisdom of the younger generation. We very much look forward to the new generation of Chinese engineering and technology majors and students to shine on the world stage, and also encourage more young and promising engineers to understand and join IET and patw."

the competition is in the stage of College registration. Young professionals and students in the field of engineering and technology are welcome to actively participate. The deadline for college registration is March 31, 2019

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