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The 12th National Conference on experimental mechanics was successfully held. The 12th National Conference on experimental mechanics was held in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from July 25 to 28, 2009. Professor kangyilan, vice chairman of the experimental mechanics Professional Committee of the Chinese society of mechanics, presided over the opening ceremony. Professor xiehuimin, chairman of the professional committee, delivered an opening speech. Professor long daining, vice chairman of the Chinese society of mechanics, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Mengqingguo, director of the Mechanics Department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Xingyongming, President of Inner Mongolia University of technology, attended the meeting and congratulated

this session was hosted by the professional committee of experimental mechanics of Chinese society of mechanics and undertaken by Inner Mongolia University of technology. The conference received 212 papers and read 110 papers. The conference was full of a warm and rich academic atmosphere throughout. In particular, the conference specially invited academician Bai Yilong of the Institute of mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to do "key mechanical problems in micro/Nano Mechanics Experiments", Professor zhaoyujin of the University of South Carolina to do "the role of experimental mechanics in mechanical", and Professor fangdaining of Peking University to do "testing technology for multi physical field coupling performance of electromagnetic solid materials" The "Application of experimental mechanics methods and technologies in Biomedical Engineering" made by Professor Fang Jing of Peking University to produce particles through conventional methods in foaming PS production process, the "development trend of Aerospace Defense Technology" made by researcher liuzeming of the Sixth Research Institute of Aerospace Science and industry group, and the conference report "new applications and research from photoelasticity to heterodyne interferometer" made by Professor luoyulong of Chenggong University opened the participants' eyes, So that everyone is deeply enlightened

with the rapid development of science and technology, experimental mechanics is full of opportunities, challenges and hopes, which has been fully reflected in the exchange report of this meeting. The academic exchange atmosphere at the conference was warm, and the participants generally felt very fruitful. The exchange report at the meeting included not only the research results of traditional experimental methods, but also a large number of application gamma involving aerospace, even if users choose their own experimental equipment, machinery, civil engineering, energy, transportation, materials and other fields- Al2O3 research results, as well as experimental methods involving micro nano mechanics and application results in MEMS, biology, medicine and nanotechnology, indicate that experimental mechanics is full of development opportunities and has a promising future. The delegates believed that to automatically collect the corresponding experimental force, experimental mechanics workers should constantly learn from the latest scientific and technological achievements in other fields, develop new experimental methods, and solve practical engineering problems; We should also dare to face the challenge of new technology development, constantly explore new research fields, and solve the new problems raised by new technology development to experimental mechanics

during the conference, the conference also held a "forum on the development of experimental mechanics". The delegates had extensive and in-depth discussions on the two topics of "how to better serve engineering practice" and "Experimental Mechanics Teaching in Colleges and universities and basic courses" and put forward many constructive suggestions on the engineering application and talent training of experimental mechanics

about 220 delegates attended the conference, including overseas counterparts from the United States. Some predecessors of the experimental mechanics were also invited to attend the conference, and put forward valuable opinions and ardent hopes for the development of experimental mechanics and the work of the professional committee

professor wangweizhong from Tsinghua University in Taiwan, China led 15 experimental mechanics experts and scholars from some universities in Taiwan to attend the conference and introduced the development of experimental mechanics in Taiwan

the closing ceremony of the conference was presided over by Professor zhangqingchuan, vice chairman of the professional committee. Professor huangpeiyan, vice chairman of the professional committee, read out the minutes of the conference. Gongxinglong, deputy editor in chief, made a report on behalf of the Department of experimental mechanics

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