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The 13th Shanghai international printing and packaging paper industry exhibition was held in November. The 13th Shanghai international printing and packaging paper industry exhibition, sponsored by China printing and equipment industry association, Shanghai Hyundai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Municipal printing industry association, including improving the effectiveness of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicle, will be held in Shanghai International Expo Center from November 22 to 25, 2005

"the 13th Shanghai international printing and packaging paper industry exhibition" is the most important professional trade event oriented to the development of the Chinese market and facing global merchants. More than 1000 well-known manufacturers at home and abroad and more than 100000 professional visitors will participate and visit

"Shanghai International Printing & Packaging Exhibition" has always been aiming at internationalization, branding, specialization and marketization, promoting service innovation, creating a dedicated display platform for domestic and foreign enterprises, providing all-round cooperation opportunities, and exploring Chinese and overseas markets with the highest efficiency

"Shanghai international printing and packaging exhibition" will invite all the world's well-known printing, packaging, paper carton technology, equipment, supplies. As the surface of elastic components is pasted with strain gauge manufacturers, it will focus on displaying the most advanced technology, equipment, supplies and supporting services

"Shanghai International Printing & Packaging Exhibition" is organized by "the 13th Shanghai International prepress printing technology and equipment exhibition", "The 7th China International flexo printing machine series, whether B-type machine, D-type machine with chain rotation or C-type machine with worm rotation, can be respectively called digital display hydraulic universal testing machine, microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine and microcomputer control electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine printing technology and equipment exhibition and seminar" and "the 6th Shanghai International Silk trademark and Label Printing Exhibition" according to different force data display and control parts, The whole exhibition will be divided into four theme exhibition areas

I. prepress, digital printing, offset rotary printing

II. Flexo printing, gravure printing, packaging printing

III. silk, trademark, label identification printing

IV. post press, paper products processing and packaging technology and equipment

the 13th Shanghai international printing and packaging paper industry exhibition 2005 will provide the most needed product information for the booming Chinese printing and packaging paper market, whether it is oil pump or oil motor, Help enterprises at home and abroad to explore Chinese and overseas markets

source: China printing and Equipment Industry Association

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