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Xiongxian casting composite material factory vigorously develops paper plastic composite materials. Xiongxian casting composite material factory is located next to xiongjiu road in the east of Xiongxian county. It is an enterprise specializing in the production of composite packaging paper, which is mainly used for green packaging products such as medicine and food. Since its establishment in 1999, the factory has occupied the market with its innovative products and brand-new business ideas in only two years, and has made the enterprise grow and develop continuously

dengbingchen, the factory director, is a wise young man who is familiar with the market. He explained the true meaning of the continuous development of the factory from weak to strong. He believes that the key is to seize the favorable opportunity for development, take the market as the guide, and vigorously develop new technologies and products

at present, if the sheet metal is not carefully scratched when the development of the enterprise is favorable, it will be the general environment for the whole country to jointly control "white pollution". The new business idea is the core of the enterprise to fight against "white pollution". Over the years, the packaging market in Xiongxian county has been developing continuously, and the types of packaging products are numerous, most of which are plastic packaging products. However, behind the prosperity of the market, there are negative effects, "white pollution" is increasingly devouring the surrounding environment. After a detailed market survey, director Deng found that extruded polystyrene board is also a material that integrates waterproof and thermal insulation functions into one body. For product testing, plastic composite products are an effective way to solve "white pollution". Non toxic and pollution-free ic7a plastic particles are compounded with paper by tape casting process for product packaging. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards in the future, there is a huge potential to develop paper plastic packaging. Therefore, he made a decisive decision, introduced a large casting compound unit and put it into production

it was not easy to start a business. After the introduction of the unit, in order to develop new products, the factory used a lot of polyethylene particles and paper to trial produce products. In the first few months, more than 30 tons of polyethylene particles and more than 20 tons of paper were used. It is easy to solve only the problems of raw materials and funds, but the complex process in production is difficult for ordinary workers to master. In the paper plastic composite process, uneven coating often occurs, making it difficult to guarantee the thickness of the finished product. In order to solve this problem, factory director Deng visited all experienced technicians in Xiongxian county. After more than a year of investigation on the southern market and technology, he absorbed a large number of mature technologies and improved the paper plastic casting process. Finally, qualified new products were available, with an annual output of about 1000 tons

when the product came out, the slitting of composite paper became a problem again, and suitable slitting equipment could not be bought in the market. Therefore, the leaders of the factory gathered their wisdom, made use of their experience in the packaging industry for many years, and finally developed a slitting machine that met the requirements after repeated trial production. The products cut out were neat and uniform, which not only improved the process flow but also expanded the types of products. The main products of the factory are composite paper for pharmaceutical packaging, such as band aid packaging, which is hygienic, non-toxic and pollution-free; All kinds of food packaging composite paper, such as melon seed bags, are environmentally friendly and moisture-proof; Coated paper for disposable tableware; Non woven fabrics, woven bags, all kinds of cloth, all kinds of silk coated compound, such as seed bags, flour bags, feed bags, umbrellas, ponchos, etc. In addition to the above products, the factory has also developed new products for single-sided compounding of polyester, stretching and aluminum foil substrates

advanced management and high-quality service are the guarantee for the survival and development of every enterprise. The factory pays attention to both internal management and external development. According to its own economic strength and technical level, it has formulated and implemented practical rules and regulations and enterprise development mode. The factory has established a layer by layer responsibility system to pay close attention to product quality. In terms of after-sales service, factory director Deng said: "now when we choose packaging products, we can shop around. Whoever has good product quality, low price and good service will buy whose products. Therefore, our production purpose is' users are God ', and we should thank customers for their trust in us with high-quality service."

in the information age, in order to keep up with the pace of the times, broaden the development space of the enterprise, and let more people know about themselves, the factory has established its own station (www.liou yan.com), which has established close ties with many relevant enterprises at home and abroad by using the interaction of the network to widely publicize its products

with first-class equipment, high-quality products, reasonable prices and perfect services, the factory's products are sold all over the country, widely occupy the northern market, and form a sales network centered on Beijing and Hebei, radiating Tianjin, Shandong, Henan, Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places. The products used for glove packaging are also exported to Singapore, Malaysia and other countries


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