Tire PAIKE, the first tire sales platform in Asia,

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Tire PAIKE, the first tire sales platform in Asia, was officially launched in China

recently, tire, the first tire sales platform in Asia, was officially launched in China. Tire PAIKE is the first and largest tire sales Station in Asia, providing a platform for drivers and consumers to compare tire brands, patterns and prices. After selecting tires, consumers can choose their own tire installation location and payment method on the

LV Huizhong, managing director of tyre PAC tyre shopping station, said that according to the survey, more than 70% to 80% of consumers do not know how to choose suitable tyres, while female car owners often spend 20% more when buying tyres

in order to know how consumers buy tires and provide a platform for comparing various tire brands, patterns and prices, "tire supermarket" tire PAC came into being to provide drivers with another channel to buy tires. Tire PAIKE is a professional tire sales platform, mainly focusing on car tire products. As long as the user inputs the model and year of the vehicle, the station will display the original tire size of the vehicle, and then click "browse all tires", all suitable tire brands and model series will be listed, and the price is public. The fees paid online include the wheel list. At present, there are static standards for the verification or calibration of fatigue testing machine, tire installation, dynamic balance service, replacement of new valves and invoices, Ensure that consumers make a clear choice of tire tread patterns with fairness and understanding

customers can choose one of the many tire installation shops designated by the station as the tire installation location. At present, tire PAIKE has more than 130 designated installation stores in Guangdong Province, and more than 100 designated installation stores in Fujian Province, Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Beijing and Shanghai respectively. Next, the company will continue to expand its retail network to other provinces to make it easier for car owners to replace tires after purchasing tires at the station

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