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Up to now, Xinjiang county has applied for 183 subsidized agricultural machines and tools, benefiting 165 farmers, enjoying 615700 yuan of national agricultural machinery subsidy funds, and no violation has been found

recently, the purchase subsidies for a batch of major projects have been carried out in an all-round way around the "one belt and one road", the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and the strategic layout of the Yangtze River economic belt. Xinjiang County Commission for Discipline Inspection dispatched the discipline inspection and supervision team of agricultural machinery development center to pay close attention to agricultural related policies and funds, so as to ensure the implementation of the preferential agricultural policy of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies

in order to standardize the operation of administrative power, the discipline inspection and supervision team immediately urged the equipment management station to upload the policy contents such as the scope, type, model, amount and time limit of agricultural machinery subsidies in 2017 in Yuncheng sunshine low cost agriculture, so as to make the information known to everyone and the policy transparent; At the same time, the procedures for handling subsidies, materials to be provided and supervision complaints shall be posted in an eye-catching position in the central courtyard, so that buyers can handle subsidy procedures conveniently, quickly and sunshine; Secondly, widely push policy information, publicize the knowledge of Party discipline and regulations, and create a strong atmosphere of warning education through anti-corruption SMS, groups, billboards, etc. If the dynamometer device tilts to the right, the included angle between the vertical line of the toothed rod and the push rod will increase

before the subsidy is handled, the integrity letter shall be signed layer by layer, and the agricultural machinery enterprises participating in the subsidy distribution shall be required to sign a letter of commitment with the agricultural machinery center to ensure the legal and compliant distribution of subsidized machines and tools; On the basis of the previous man-machine group photos, the buyer, machines and tools and reviewers are taken at the same time, so as to eliminate the phenomenon of going through the audit process for the first time

in addition, the discipline inspection and supervision team and the supervision unit participate in the whole process of subsidy handling, so as to prevent the handling and issuance of false invoices, prevent the occurrence of events damaging the interests of the masses, and prevent the compensation behavior of front foot purchase and back foot return

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